Want to Sound Like a Rockstar? Try AmpliTube


Are you struggling with software to create amplification effects for your favorite guitar? Are you tired of spending money on stomp-boxes and other effect boxes to make your music sound right? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rocker, you need to get AmpliTube 4. Get ready to record some awesome tunes with this awesome software!

In the past, amp simulation software produced sounds that were never quite right. They worked great for practicing on your own but failed miserably once you wanted to record. The sounds looked like they were computer generated. On the other hand, with AmpliTube I could add various effects and configurations to produce quality demo recordings. The software offered me a great selection of features to allow me to produce quality music!

Cab Room Selection

The cab room feature was a truly great aspect of the software demonstrating its flexibility. The Cab Room feature allows me to select from a wide range of speaker cabinets to match the amplifier. A wide range of amplifiers including ones from Britain which are included in version 4.

I can also select from different speaker types! Speakers can also be placed in different positions within the cabinet without having to use power tools. In addition, I could also choose the mix and match different speakers.

Mic and Room Selection

Besides cabinet and speaker selection, I could choose different mics and place them in 3D space! The software comes with 3 microphones you can select from. If you need more, you can purchase them from IK Multimedia’s Custom Shop.

I could also select the type of room where the recording would take place. Room types include garages, recording booths, and several studio types. All these factors go together to create a realistic tone as if you were in the actual environment! Best of all, after some serious tweaking I could save and reuse the settings instead having to rely on the physical equipment being set right.


Once you have selected your equipment, you can start recording tracks and adjust settings. AmpliTube has its own DAW where you can record up to 8 tracks and adjust standard settings such as bass and treble for each track individually. With the ease of button and a few keystrokes, you can cut and paste sections of a track and place it into another track. Moreover, you can export your recordings in popular file formats such as mp3. Think of this as an easy-to-use scratchpad for your musical ideas!


Although AmpliTube comes with preset gear, you may be wanting more. Fortunately, the IK Multimedia has a custom shop where you can get additional cabinets, speakers, microphones, and amplifiers to get the sound you need. Don’t worry if you had an older version! You can always get the gear you had with the restore feature.


AmpliTube 4 is software that allows you to produce great music! It allows you to select and mix and match a variety of equipment to get the sound you need. You can also add rack and stomp effects of your choice. Want to sound like a rock star? Get AmpliTube!

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