Want to be a Real Man – Get Rid of Boyish Attitudes


There is a tendency among contemporary men to stay infantile even in their 30s. This is one of the greatest turnoffs for women. Every woman wants a psychologically mature man who knows how to behave with women. There are many instances when a relationship didn’t work because a woman couldn’t stand man’s childish habits or behavior. Of course, it’s important to cherish a child within yourself and sometimes it’s even great to get a bit childish and playful. However, when it comes to a serious relationship both men and women should act their age. Dating experts from Bridesbay.com where you can find Russian Girls for Dating surveyed their female clients and found out the most annoying traits and habits of grown-up men.

  • The need for self-affirmation

    There is a type of guys who are so insecure that they can’t be happy for their significant other. If their woman achieves something, they will find the way to criticize her and make her feel unimportant. A guy who lacks confidence and constantly wants to assert himself at the expense of others, particularly his girlfriend, can hardly be called a Man. But if he is confident and supportive and always can find the right words, he’ll be appreciated and respected by his woman.

  • Poor communication skills

    Communication is not all about discussing pleasant things, but also it is the ability to keep up a serious conversation. The problem of many contemporary middle-aged men is their avoiding unpleasant but essential topics. They would rather say yes and go on talking than object to their partner’s words and start a healthy discussion. A mature man isn’t afraid of expressManing his opinion or emotions if he really feels like it.

  • Putting appearance above the inner world

    It’s typical of teenagers and guys in their 20s to prioritize girl’s appearance. Their main aim is usually to date the hottest girl in their neighborhood. With age, men realize that they need more than a lovely face and big breasts. A real man understands that women from the magazines are just dolls and real-life beauty is different and sometimes even controversial.

  • Doubts

    Immature men don’t have a purpose in life and have a vague idea about the qualities their potential partner should possess. On the contrary, a real man knows what he wants and what he is looking for in terms of his career and personal life. He distinguishes between the women of his type and the girls with whom he is not on the same level. That is why when a high-quality woman is on the horizon, he’ll not miss the chance.

  • Dependency on other people’s opinions

    Another sign of immaturity is caring much about what other people think. It stems from the absence of principles and lack of confidence that are not typical of mentally mature men. It’s pretty difficult to make a real man renounce his point of view, especially when it comes to choosing a life-partner. If a man is confident in his choice, nobody – even his friends or family – will be able to change his mind.

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