Want Your Cordless Phone Battery to be (Almost) Immortal?

Uh oh… you forgot to put the cordless phone back on its charger after using it and now it is out of battery. One of the advantages of having a cordless phone is that you can walk around the house while talking on it and make calls from anywhere. However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember to put it back where it belongs afterward. If you feel like the batteries on your cordless phone run out far too quickly, there might be a few things that you can do in order to make them last a little bit longer.

Cordless phones are designed with many different types of rechargeable batteries, depending on the phone model and the manufacturer. These batteries should last for approximately one to three years, depending on the treatment and usage of the battery. The rechargeable battery will start to gradually lose its ability to hold its charge over time. Changing the batteries in your cordless phone can be an expensive hassle, so you will want to make your phone last as long as possible.

If you can properly care for you cordless phone’s battery, it will save you money in the long run and it will be able to function at its full capacity. This article will provide you with some tips for taking care of your cordless phone battery.

How to Know When Your Battery is Low

Your phone will give you a number of signals to let you know when it is low, so that you can recharge it. Often, your phone will emit an auditory low-battery signal such as a beep or a chirp which will alert you that the battery strength is low. There will also likely be a visual warning on the LCD display screen which will tell you that the battery power is low. This warning will be different for each phone, so take a look at your phone’s manual to learn about your specific model.

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Tips for Extending Your Battery Life

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind which will help you to extend the life of your cordless phone battery:

  • Use the right type of battery as designed for your model and brand of phone. These components were specifically chosen to work together, so they will offer you the best and most efficient performance. If the voltage and amperage of the battery is wrong, it can wear out the phone and the battery a lot faster. If you are really far off when it comes to amperage, the cordless phone could even be at risk for catching fire when it is charging.
  • Choose a phone with a good battery life. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can take a look at cordless phone reviews online.
  • Keep your phone away from places where it will be exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. This will cause damage to your battery life as well as to your cordless phone as well.
  • Every so often, you can clean out the battery contacts with alcohol and swabs. This will improve the connection between the phone and the battery and help it to function better.
  • Some people have recommended using Coca Cola to clean the connection points on the cordless phone and the base. This is because the acidity of the Coke helps to clean away corrosion. However, this should be done at your own risk as you might do damage to the phone.

Should You Leave the Phone on Its Cradle?

Many people leave their cordless phone on the charging cradle all the time, whenever they are not using it. However, this can actually cause the battery life to decrease in some cases. This is because the cradle will be continuously trying to charge the battery, which will put a strain on it and cause it to lose life. Experts recommend that it is better to leave the phone off the charger and to place it back on when it notifies you that it is out of battery.

By following these helpful tips, you can extend the life of your phone battery and make it last longer. In these uncertain financial times, it is important to make the most of everything we own – because every little bit of savings counts!

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