VPNs are Now a Fact of Life

Virtual private networks are one of the bright spots of the tech landscape, as they do so much for a relatively low price. For just a few dollars per month, you can get tons of technical utility out of a garden-variety VPN. What are the key advantages? Here’s a short list of why opting for a VPN makes sense for entrepreneurs, individuals and established companies alike.

Remote Access is Now Key

VPNs have the potential to boost business productivity because they allow for easy access of data from any physical location. In fact, the first users of VPNs were corporations, and they did so for this very reason. The legal and accounting professions were the initial non-tech adopters of the networks. Once they realized that data could securely be viewed from home or another office, the deal was struck. Now, it’s more common than not for companies to use a VPN as their default method of data retrieval when off site.

Super Security

Secure, encrypted data is the hallmark of VPN systems. By connecting to your network via the VPN, you have the added level of protection that keeps hackers and others at bay. Security experts say that a VPN is the single most cost-effective way of adding an extra layer of safety to all your online activities, whether they include personal communication or corporate interaction.

Amazing Anonymity

The “P” in VPN is a big selling point for millions of users. Whether you own a company and worry about data security or use a computer for personal tasks, a VPN delivers a high level of privacy. There is software that claims to hide your IP from others or even deter hackers through the use of web proxies. Many of them work admirably but are no match for a fully-functioning VPN. In fact, you can access websites as well as work with whatever web applications you desire behind the anonymity of a VPN.

A Way Around Censorship

Censorship is a major concern for millions of users who reside in countries ruled by totalitarian regimes. For these people, especially, a VPN can mean the difference between life and death. Government-imposed Internet filters are often defeated by VPN technology. As well, users can routinely leverage their virtual private network to access websites that have been blocked by censorious governments. VPN use has skyrocketed in places like China, Cuba and Vietnam, all places where governments keep a watchful eye on online activity and often jails citizens for simply using forbidden words and phrases.

Powerful Performance

After implementing a VPN solution on a network, most users discover that overall performance is greatly enhanced, and not hindered as most would think. There is a common misconception that a VPN will hinder application performance. Utilization of a VPN, along with Java application performance tuning tools, will give you peace of mind that your apps are in shipshape condition. The VPN gives bandwidth a boost and adds to the efficiency of the network. Because maintenance costs are extremely low, they are viewed as a cost-efficient performance enhancer for businesses who rely on fast connections and quick access to data.

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