Virgin Galactic Wants To Offer Moon Cruises!

When it comes to terrestrial travel, Virgin Galactic wants in on the action and this time they’re not just talking about sending billionaires in to space.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic Commercial Director Stephen Attenborough announced today at Wired 2013 in London that their company has some big plans for the future. These plans involve the possibility of world travel in a whole new way. Sure, it’ll take a little while before the potential for space travel becomes affordable for regular Joe’s like you and I but the fact that there will some day be an option for space travel is pretty incredible.

What will follow the initial ideas for space travel? There are ideas of building space “cruise ship” type vessels that allow for more luxurious vacations in space, vacations that last longer and are taken in style. How feasible is this? Virgin Galactic believe that it is very feasible and plans to make this possibility a reality in the long term. For now though they are focused on smaller projects like getting beyond test launches, something which Attenborough says will happen within the next year.

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