VideoDuke For Mac OS Review

Downloading videos from thousands of streaming channels is easy with VideoDuke. Post this wonderful creation, users had to individually visit various websites to download videos of their choice. This software developed by Eltima makes the life of users easy who can download the content of their choice from numerous streaming websites. When you read VideoDuke for Mac OS review, you will be happy to see the additional features it comes with.


Widely Used Video Downloaded

Most Apple devices restrict downloads from streaming websites. VideoDuke is the best solution for the problems most of the users face downloading videos from the streaming channels. It works with more than 1000 websites for downloading videos. Users only have to punch in the URL to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo downloader for Mac, Instagram, MetaCafe, Facebook, and various popular channels. 

Save In Multiple Formats

When downloading videos from streaming websites, the source of the video file has the information of the format and video resolution and cannot be selected from this software. Most of the video streaming websites have universal formats for the videos such as MP4, WebM, MPEG, FLV, OGG, etc. They can be saved in various formats such as 8k, 360p, 1080p, 720p, etc. 

Download Audio

Users can download audio files in multiple formats using this software. You can download the audio from a video file or a single audio file. Say, you need only the sound from a video from YouTube, this software makes that possible. One of the inbuilt tools available with this program is to separate video from audio which the users can use to download the source of their choice. 

Easy To Download Playlists

Have a favorite playlist you want to listen to? You can now download the entire playlist or the channel video within a few clicks when this software is installed. This feature saves you from a lot of manual labor of going through a lot of steps to install playlists or the entire channel. Once you paste the link of the URL, you only have to hit the ‘Download’ button.

Browser Friendly

There is no add-on button available to add it to a browser. However, users can add it as a bookmark to have quick access to download a URL of their choice. It takes the URL automatically and downloads the audio or video downloaders file of your choice. It comes with a demo version which users can use for a short time, the paid version is available to be used for a longer period. Users have the option to purchase a lifetime license as well. 

Convert To Top Quality Format

Videos and audio files you browse on the internet are easy to download to the highest quality using this software. If you are watching a video and are worried that you get the same quality when you download it, that is not the case anymore. Watch every video in HD quality using this tool to save it to the highest quality and resolution. It also comes with a conversion feature to convert a downloaded video to MP4 format. 

Extract Videos From Websites

It is easy to extract HTML videos that are encoded within the website with VideoDuke. With this feature, all the resources of the audio and video files are downloaded separately. This is advantageous as the users can use the files as they want once they are saved as separate files. Sources such as flash, audio, animation, etc are saved as individual files. 


VideoDuke has a user-friendly interface and looks similar to the Safari browser. With all these amazing features it is easy to use VideoDuke to download the audio and video of your choice and enjoy watching your favorite programs and music from the web. To a lot of users, this software is a time-saver. To have a video of your choice on your local hard drive is no more a hassle. 

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