Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband Lets Your Phone Say “Hey, I’m Ringing Asshole!”


As an iPhone user, I can tell you that the little switch on the side of the phone which puts the Apple device in “silent mode” is very easy to switch unintentionally. Because of this, I have missed calls that could have been a matter of great importance, such as saving the world, or picking up some milk from the store.

The BluAlert Vibrating Wristband shows up on your phones list of Bluetooth devices, and acts as any other hands-free device. When you have an incoming call, the wristband will vibrate, either alerting you that your phone is ringing, or causing your arm to widely spasm. The device will also start vibrating if you walk further than 5 meters away from your phone, which is brilliant for those with bad short term memory. Get yours for �34.95 ($62.91). — Andrew Dobrow

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