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Vaping is fast becoming the go­to method for traditional smokers to quit tobacco. There are many reasons that a smoker might want to move to e­cigarettes or vaporizers ­ lower cost, health reasons, better taste. The vaping revolution is showing no signs of slowing yet.

And to help you join the revolution, we have an amazing giveaway where you can win one of 50 vaporizers in our fantastic competition.

The health risks involved with traditional smoking ought to be enough to make a person quit yet it can prove extremely difficult for many to do so. Gum and patches can offer a reduced dosage of nicotine to help smokers wean themselves off cigarettes but the action of smoking can be missed just as much.

Vaping can allow you to control the amount of nicotine but, importantly, it also provides a routine and habit similar to smoking which can be vital in helping quitters.

Over 4000 toxins are present in cigarettes that can contribute to cancer and heart disease. Do research into the right e­juices for your vaping ­ the best quality juices contain only a few ingredients which are all products found in foodstuffs ­ and those toxins can be all but eradicated.

An interesting movement that has sprung from Vaping is that of “modding”. Enthusiasts found that by modifying their vape pens, they could enhance the battery or functionality and create more intense flavour h its.

This demand for extra power and taste was recognised by manufacturers and engineers. In turn, a whole subculture has arisen dedicated to the creation, collection and use of unique and beautiful vaping accessories.

With the plethora of vape shops on the high street, the arrival of Vape Cafes, and the creation of vaping hardware which can be as stylish and desirable as wristwatches or high-­end writing implements, some observers have suggested that we are harking back to the time of the tobacconist and the elegant art of pipe­smoking.

Gearfuse is offering you the opportunity to find out what the fuss is all about with our fantastic giveaway. Win one of 50 vaporizers by visiting the Pure E­Liquids website.

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