US shoe stores to try 3D footsize imaging

3d footsize imaging

What do you do when you need to try out your new technology? Test it on innocent children’s feet, of course! Stride Rite, the leading retailer of children’s shoes in the US has began to use a 3D gauge for sizing feet that is designed for measuring highly accurate measures. The gauges were installed in three Boston area stores after a evaluation contract was signed with the company, QinetiQ, which i’m sure included lots and lots of liability insurance clauses in case of amputated feet.

The gauge itself is derived from 3D optical ranging technology developed, patented, and freshly polished and shined by QinetiQ. The gauge scans and retrieves data very quickly and can scan both feet simultaneously, helping the sales department make the best fit possible. The company is currently in talks with clown colleges to produce a extra large model. — Andrew Dobrow

US retailer to trial 3D foot footwear measurement system [gizmag]

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