Why You Should Upgrade to a PlayStation 4 Right Now  

The PlayStation 4, commonly shortened to PS4, is one of the most popular console gaming systems on the market today. While it’s one of the two front-runners, competing with the Xbox One, there are several distinct advantages to the PS4 over both older consoles and over other models.

Why You Should Upgrade to a PlayStation 4 Right Now  


The main attraction of the PlayStation 4 as a next generation console is its ability to render games that have better graphics than anything players have ever seen before on a console system. While it’s a staple of every new generation, the sheer detail and beauty of what the PS4 can give players is stunning even compared to the most recent generation of consoles before this.

Next Generation Titles

With every new platform comes the release of new video games that simply cannot be played on older models; the PS4 is no different. With games like the infamous “Watch Dogs” available on the PS4 many players have been clamoring for the system just to enjoy this new experience.

While there were relatively few titles when the system was first released, there have been steady releases ever since it came on the market. The result is that if someone buys a PS4 now, there’s a whole library of new titles to go with it which simple would not have been available when the console was first released.

Additional Hardware

The PS4 offers players more than just new games and shinier graphics, though. It has a built in camera and wireless capacity that means that players can record their gaming experiences in addition to broadcasting them for the world to see. Whether someone’s a professional YouTube critic, or just likes to share the experience with gamers who aren’t in their living room, this feature encourages people on social networks to play together.

While there has been some controversy over these features, the same hardware allows users to connect to the Internet and turn a complete home entertainment machine. This means that players can watch content off the Internet, or use services like Netflix and Hulu without needing to involve any other machines or devices. The machine also maintains the ability to play DVDs, which while not a new feature is one that has been valued over the years by players.


In addition to the PS4 itself, there are all kinds of add-ons and bonus programs that players may choose to use. For instance the PlayStation Vita is a device that players can use to wirelessly access and play many of their favorite games. There’s also the PS4 network players can join in order to play over a larger, virtual network instead of just playing offline as games are traditionally played. This network also gives players access to bonus content, and many times there are also free games that can be downloaded. While membership in the network isn’t free it does come with a lot of benefits that serious players may feel is more than worth the cost to keep the subscription up to date every month.

So the above benefits of PlayStation 4 should more than make you want to get one for yourself. If you are still on the fence, give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

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