University of Phoenix Offers Tips for Online Learning Success

Online learning offers untold flexibility for students everywhere, a priceless advantage for anyone without a lot of time on their hands. Taking classes online can also be more affordable compared to traditional classroom education. 

Even with these benefits, students can still face some challenges along the way. The staff at University of Phoenix have identified a number of ways to help students from all backgrounds push through their struggles to earn their degrees online. Here we’re taking a closer look at what you can expect in an online degree program and how you make this path work for you. 

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning carves out a virtual space for your classroom. Teachers, students, grades, assignments, course materials (e.g., hand-outs, videos, etc.) can all be found online. Students can access materials whenever they have an internet connection and even download content to review as needed. 

The Pros of Online Learning

Online learning is often chosen by people who have plenty of scheduling conflicts. By cutting down on the commute and introducing flexible start dates and access times, there’s more opportunity for busy people to squeeze in time for their education. 

The Cons of Online Learning

Online learning relies on advanced and reliable technology, which isn’t always possible or accessible. Even in cities, network disruptions are not uncommon. Another barrier for remote learners is that there can be a sense of detachment that develops without a physical connection. Some students prefer or perform better when they are able to work directly with teachers and peers.

Tips for Success 

The staff at University of Phoenix knows that everyone will have a slightly different approach to their education. However, there are common threads between students who thrive in online learning. Keeping these in mind before you sign up for a class can help you be that much more prepared for what’s to come. 

Preparation and Motivation 

All classes require self-motivation, but you might find you need an extra jolt if you’re learning online. Self-discipline typically starts with smart time management, so all students should get in the habit of scheduling blocks of time and prioritizing their responsibilities. From project due dates to tests, your weeks need to have structure for you to succeed. Make use of to-do lists to keep your momentum up, and watch your motivation get a boost every time you cross off a task you finally finish. 

Make Full Use of Your Resources 

It might seem like the most successful students are capable of handling everything on their own, but this is actually quite the opposite. From message boards to office hours to tutoring, the resources and assistance that a school offers can be worth their weight in gold. University of Phoenix is known for offering 360 degree help to students from the admission process through after graduation. 

Study Without Distractions 

Clear out clutter, invest in a comfortable chair, and adjust the lighting so it is easy for you to work. Choose the most reliable internet provider in your area and do your best to have reliable devices to use. Where you study has a lot to do with how much you absorb, so get creative when it comes to making your space special and welcoming. Some people will bring in candles and picture frames to create a more inviting place. However you design yours, just make sure that you have a few provisions like snacks or water nearby to prevent excuses to stop what you’re doing. 

The Art of Mastering Time Management 

Since this is such an important part of your success, we’ll break down the art of time management:

  • Cut back on multitasking: You end up sacrificing the quality of the tasks you do when you multitask. This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to a lecture while you run, for example. Just make sure that you are focusing on whatever you are doing to be productive. 
  • Stress management: You need to budget time for yourself. This means exercising, sleeping and eating well. It also means rewarding yourself. This is not an indulgence but a necessary break for your mind so that you can do more the next time you switch back to your course work. 
  • Have a study plan: By creating a plan, you can prioritize the most important concepts in the class, which can then help you focus on the real takeaways. Cramming in one last hour of studying or quickly writing the last page of a paper is common, but a study plan can cut back on the rush, reducing stress and helping you learn better. 
  • Take notes: Notes reinforce what you are learning and can help you understand complex topics in your own words. Online learning makes it possible to access content and resources whenever you need, but be sure to take your own notes or the time to clarify a point or research a fact. 
  • Talk to classmates: Online learning attracts people from all walks of life, which can end up providing any number of new perspectives and opportunities. Everyone will have their own opinion and approach to different issues, but don’t be afraid to start conversations to gain a broader understanding. 

Giving Yourself the Advantage

There are many reasons and advantages to learning online, but you will need to get in the right mindset to be successful. These tips are all about helping you prepare for what’s ahead and to keep you going if you run into struggles or challenges along the way. 

About University of Phoenix 

University of Phoenix has been helping students for decades by making higher education more accessible to people without the time or money that traditional colleges typically demand. Online classes are just one benefit that students can find here. To learn more, visit

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