Ultimate Gas Saver Guide

Prices of gas was rising as fast as the rocket. It is a global problem and many people are suffering from this one. And in this time of crisis it is very important if you know something that can boost your gas saving. Practically there are lots of ways online that you could find. And all of them are suggesting something that you have to buy in order to have gas for less money. Some of them are not that small amount and still creating another problem and headache. Many people are changing their cars, custom spares, there are an option from which you can now buy and used hybrid car. Another solution is to use water for gas. But doing this kind of things are a little bit complicated and risky especially if you really do it by yourself. Be sure that if you choose this kind of solution you should ask for help and assistance from somebody who really an expert in doing this. Because if you try and play as a scientist in just one day and try to convert your car fuel to water then you are just giving yourself a lot bigger problem.

Gas saver

Now, to help you save gas I just compiled 5 simple and practical way to save gas without having to do some experiment on your own car. This 5 simple steps are tested and are already proven to save gas.

  1. Do something basic. Let’s start with the monthly tuned up of your car. Did you know that as your car ages it become sluggish which ads more loads to your engine. Even a shoe needs to be shine. The same thing with your car. Monthly maintenance will be a good idea. Changing oil and filter will be a great help too. Check your tire because some how it also contribute to the increase of gas usage.
  2. Do not push your car to its own limit. Watch how your car runs. You are not in the battle, a competition. You have to watch the speed of your car. The more you accelerate the more gas you burn.
  3. If it is not necessary do not use your car air con, especially if you are just waiting inside the car for longer hours. You should limits the usage of your air con, the a/c burns up more fuel because it puts more work load to your engine. Be mindful on how and when to use your a/c.
  4. Did you know that your car used over one gallon of fuel for every hour you idles? Lessen the amount of time you idle your car. Turn your car off when you are not actually driving it. Idling doesn’t mean you can save gas instead it cost you more money.
  5. Last but not the least get the ultimate gas saver guide. You can find all the solution that you are looking for including water 2 gas conversion, energy saving tips, hybrid buyer guide, alternative fuel guide, and a lot more. I suggest that you get this guide because it is so complete.

We all know that gas prices will never going down. If it happens to be so, it is just for a brief time. Learning tips and guidelines to save gas is really helpful.

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