Ubersuggest Review: A Free Keyword Suggestion Tool By Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is an SEO and PPC keyword research tool based on the Google Keyword Planner’s principles, and it automatically appends the keywords provided with the searched keywords.

SEO is highly recommended for ranking your website in search engines. SEO can give a significant boost to your audience and traffic as well as your business sales. Your business will experience great advantages of effective SEO strategy. Keywords are an important part of SEO planning and implementation. Right keywords can land your business to a lot of benefits. You will be surprised at the results of effective keywords role in ranking your website in Google top results.

Ubersuggest is a great keyword planning tool that makes your keyword research very easy and effective. You can’t find a more simple or easy tool, and with all its greatness it is a free tool. It is developed by one of the SEO gurus; Neil Patel. Neil Patel is known for his extensive SEO knowledge, and he publishes a great deal of SEO related knowledge and helps the modern and even conventional businesses to reach the peaks of success by ranking highest in Google search results. Being ranked at top means, all the related traffic will reach your site, and of course, most of them are looking to buy products or services from you.

Let’s have a look at Ubersuggest features.

1. Simple and efficient keyword research

This is, of course, the top feature of this tool because no free tool is this effective. It has no ads, just helps you get your business done with one simple search bar which makes everything effective and easy.


It appends your searched keywords by using the Google-like suggestions and formulates keywords according to their use.

2. Keyword type

As there are different mediums of passing information on the internet now, there are different types of keywords used as well. Ubersuggest is highly recommended tool because it understands the dynamic needs of today’s users and caters them accordingly. It is a highly advanced tool and supports different types of keywords for the web, mobile, videos, images, news and so on.

Keyword type

3. Keyword stats and competition

Another great feature of this tool is that it categorizes keywords according to their searches and stats, you can find out everything about a keyword through this tool. You can see the volume of keyword search and check if it is PPC keyword or organic keyword. You can check the competition and number of monthly searches against a specific keyword and even see the competitive intelligence of specific keyword.

You can see your competitors rankings against a keyword and even see their relevant ad copy.  You can see which of your competitors are spending money on their ads and who is getting ranked organically. The competition overview feature of this tool will give you list of all your competitors.

Keyword stats

You can use the data provided by this tool to figure out whether you need to target a keyword or not. If your competitors are going after a specific keyword, then it must be worthy of your attention and use, you should be going after it as well.

4. Keyword suggestions

If you are a regular blogger, you will probably love this tool because other than giving you list of keywords you should be using; this tool also gives you suggestions for titles you should be using based on what the relevant target audience is searching. You will be getting a lot of suggestions and ideas for your blog through this tool.

Keyword suggestions

It will give you unlimited keyword ideas ranging from head terms to great long tail phrases. The suggestions are generated based on most searches, and you can even see those stats with this free tool. Along with giving you all the keyword suggestions, this tool will give you relevant data like volume, competition and also the seasonal trend for each of the suggested keyword.

You can also enable features like negative keywords which helps you in filtering the keywords you don’t want to see. The filtering feature of this tool will help you find the right keywords you need for your business.

Final Words

UberSuggest is a dream come true for all your SEO needs because giving you the right keywords in an easy way is the job number one of this tool. Since this tool is developed with the expertise and knowledge of famous SEO guru, Neil Patel, we can completely trust its results. This tool is very easy to use and completely effective in results, simple and effective user interface is provided with useful features which makes it highly recommended free SEO tool.

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