Types of Injectable Testosterone

Injectable Testosterone

For the purposes of hormone replacement therapy, much of the injectable testosterone that is prescribed for today’s patients is in the form of testosterone “esters.” An ester is a chemical compound that is produced by the chemical reaction that occurs between an alcohol and an acid when a molecule of water is eliminated.

The chemical coefficient of the ester being used influences how long the treatment will stay in the patient’s system; that makes it relevant to one of the individual prescribing factors that should always be considered by both hormone therapy patients and their medical providers, which is how often their treatments will need to be administered.

Here are some key properties of the most commonly prescribed injectable testosterone formulations:

Injectable Testosterone Enanthate has a chemical formulation (C26 H40 O3) that makes it slower-acting 8- to 10-day release time. In its generic form, testosterone enanthate can be obtained by prescription from a US compounding pharmacy, where it is mixed with cottonseed oil, sesame oil, or another medically appropriate oil. Some patients have reported allergic or skin reactions to the oil being used; this can typically be remedied by the compounding pharmacy using another type of oil.

Injectable Testosterone Cypionate is one of the main forms of testosterone that US physicians and medical specialists prescribe for their hormone replacement therapy patients. Its chemical formula (C27 H40 O3) is very similar to that of testosterone enanthate’s and it is similarly long lasting at 8 to 10 days. It can also be obtained from licensed US compounding pharmacies (mixed with the oils previously referenced) and the same precautions pertaining to allergic reactions apply.

Injectable Testosterone Propionate is a much faster-acting ester due to its chemical composition’s formula (C22 H32 O3) that gives it a release time of 3 – 4 days. It is a far less popular injectable testosterone treatment option for this reason (requiring injections 1 to 3 times weekly); and also because swelling and/or noticeable pain in the area of the injection have been consistently reported by a number of users.

How Is the Testosterone Injection Given?

TRT Medical Center patients benefit from the convenience and efficiency of being able to self-administer their intramuscular injectable testosterone treatments. They are typically administered at a 90-degree angle at the same time of day in a comfortable and familiar environment of their own choosing.

Note that most testosterone therapy doctors and clinics provide their patients with both personal advice and simple to follow and very detailed video instructions for preparing and administering their testosterone injections – because the details really are important in effectively and safely using these injections. Your provider can also share valuable tips with you on how to minimize any discomfort that you might experience during the injection process.

After having just a few successes in preparing and administering their injections, most patients have developed the confidence of pros; and these are basic steps that they follow:

  • Set up your assembled injection materials in a clean, well-lit and comfortable workspace. Your supplies will include your medications, needles, alcohol swabs, and a non-puncture disposal container; and always make sure that you have clean hands.


  • Choose and prepare your injection site, which can be your outer thigh muscle or your buttock muscle. After having followed the preparation instructions that come with your injectable testosterone packaging, you will next clean the skin of your injection site with the alcohol swap and allow the area to dry.


  • After filling with the proper dosage (always confirm this) and checking your syringe for air bubbles, you will pinch and hold the skin of your injection site. Inject the medication into your muscle using a continual smooth but firm motion. When the injection is finished, remove and dispose of the needle in a safe-for-sharps container.

Where to Buy Injectable Testosterone

You also may think that you can just find on the Internet where to buy injectable testosterone medications and it won’t be a problem for you. But you need to know the only way to get prescription for testosterone online is to contact a doctor who is an HRT specialist. Other ways are illegal in the US. Yet what follows are several potential problems that you may not have thought about that could make this aspect of your treatment program a challenging one for you.

One of those problems would be the many illegal sellers of steroids you will encounter with just a quick online search or two, many of whom will not ask you for a prescription. This should be an immediate warning sign to you that dealing with one of these “providers” could be very dangerous for your health; and selling testosterone to anyone without first requiring proof of a medical prescription is considered a criminal activity in the US because it goes against the federal regulations for dispensing and using testosterone.

It is also highly risky to purchase testosterone that has not been pharmaceutically manufactured and compounded by the licensed US companies that are legally allowed to do so. Non-domestically produced testosterone is illegal for US patients to use because it has not been proven in any way to meet US prescription drug standards. It is also illegal and dangerous to anyone use even federally approved testosterone medications without a prescription for their use.

What most patients have discovered is the safest and easiest way to purchase their prescribed testosterone medications is to do this through the auspices of their medical provider. Most of the leading hormone replacement providers in the US including TRT Medical Center now offer this service that gives peace of mind to their patients and preserves their treatment’s medical integrity.

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