Types of Insurance a Painter Needs

Painter insurance

It might seem easy to do a painting job or run a painting business. You just need to look for people who are willing to get your service and be there as scheduled. You can also bring the entire team with you. However, just like any other home renovation job, anything can go wrong. Therefore, you need to consider getting insurance. Here are some of the most important insurance policies you should have. You can also check out the best painter’s insurance at Next-Insurance.com.

General liability insurance

This insurance helps if something unexpected happens while carrying out the job. For instance, if the paint spills on a carpeted floor, the insurance will cover the cost for cleaning or replacing the carpet. If the spill also causes the homeowner to slip and fall, the insurance will cover the medical costs. Other things covered by this insurance include false advertising claims and slander.

Auto insurance

You probably need to drive from one job to another. Therefore, having auto insurance helps a lot. Some states even require auto insurance before allowing people to use a vehicle. The auto insurance policy can be tailored to protect your assets even better especially since you are using the vehicle for work.

Business insurance

This type of insurance allows the combination of general liability and commercial real estate insurance. This helps a lot if you have lost the painting equipment or it has been stolen. The insurance will provide coverage. This includes electronic data loss as well. You won’t worry about where to get money to help you with your daily needs since the insurance will provide.

Worker’s compensation insurance

If you own the painting company and you have other people working for you, it would be great if you use this insurance. It protects you from being sued by your employees for negligence. If one of your employees has an injury or an accident while carrying out the job, the insurance covers, for example, the medical bills. Should the injury lead to loss of mobility or other serious issues, the insurance will help the injured party until full recovery is achieved.

Check out the options now

These are just some of the many insurance policies that you can get if you are a painter or you are running a painting company. Again, you never know what could happen while carrying out your job. It helps if you are protected if anything happens. You don’t need to just settle for insurance policies available locally, as there are also many specialized policies available easily online, which may offer you a better deal. You can check the coverage for each insurance option and get the ones that you need.

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