Twitter Cake Wishes Social Media Gurus Happy Birthday

If you’re one of the millions of self-proclaimed “gurus” patrolling the Internetz, chances are that you’re on Twitter, spreading your wise guru words far and wide. In fact, chances are good that Twitter is your main stream of communication to your thousands of�followers�(whom all also happen to be gurus). If asked what your preferred tool of internet communication happens to be, odds are that you’d say something amounting to “TWITTER, OMFG!

So, to celebrate your Royal Gurunesses sacred birthday, there’s no better way to show you we care but designing the cake in your honor, totally devoted to Twitter. Designed by Orange County, California’s The Sugar Me Bakery, the Twitter cake proves to the world just how devoted you are to social media. So enthused you are that you dedicate your entire birthday to your social network of choice. Such a trooper.

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