Tumblr Phishing Scam Steals Thousands of Accounts with Promise of pr0n

If you see this page, don't enter your login info.

Apparently, promising tumblr users that they can access “adult” content is a really effective way to steal their login info. In a phishing scam that seems to be out of control, hackers have currently compromised thousands of tumblr accounts. It began with a few hacked pages, which claim that users need to “revalidate” their credentials in order to see “adult” content.

The login page looked legit (and was a tumblr.com address), so people fell for it. As more accounts became compromised, more of the fake login pages were seen, prompting an epidemic that’s currently sweeping the world of tumblr.

Now, the more important question — why exactly would someone go to all the trouble of stealing thousands of tumblr accounts? There’s not much personal data to be found, apart from your email and affinity for photos of hipster jeans. The most convincing hypothesis so far is that tumblr users might be using the same email/password combination for other sites, which could give hackers access to more sensitive personal data.


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