True Life: I’ve Murdered a Goomba

It all seemed so harmless.The princess was in trouble. What else was he supposed to do? A damsel in distress was always his weakness. But the guilt, it was too much. Not everyone is built for a life of murder and mayhem, no matter how heroic the ultimate goal might seem. He tried to cover up his crimes but the Toad Police are well-regarded as forensic supermen. He knew, eventually, that his grisly past would eventually catch up with him.

In a tale of tragedy, Mario slowly descends into insanity. Somehow, we think he’s in a better place now. No more sleepless nights. No more hiding. Just eternal peace. We know he’s up there somewhere, floating around in 3D, looking down on us from a place where leaky pipes and clogged toilets don’t even exist.

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