The Best Triple Monitor Stand With Adjustable Arms

If you are going for a professional setup either for work purposes or for creating the most immersive gaming experience then triple monitors are the way to go. When you go all in for such a setup it is important you get all the parts right.

Most people focus on finding the right displays and neglect the stand. Which causes problems when they find that they can’t view their screen at the optimum angle.

Now this might seem like a daunting task but it is not that hard because all you have to do is match your display with a compatible stand by looking at a few parameters.

Below we take a look at what those parameters are and then we go on to discuss the best stands for a triple monitor display.

There are six major things we are gonna look at: VESA compliance, adjustability, durability, aesthetic, panel size, and the specific type of mount that will suit your specific needs.

Types of Monitor Stands

Freestanding Monitors

Freestanding monitors are much like the regular monitor stand everyone is familiar with. They sit on the desk and hold up the monitor from that angle. They have hardly any set up, with the only process being the initial mounting of the display.

This can be used with people who have, say, a glass table because it does not require any of the semi permanent fittings required for setting up the other type of displays.

Side Clamp Desk Mounts

Side clamp desk mounts are generally suited for tables or bases that are sturdy. This is because the side clamp design is intended to be clamped at the end of the desk using force and pressure.

If you want a setup where you have the flexibility of having the monitors in the right position and also want a clear desk for other  projects then side clamp desk mounts are the way to go.

Grommet stand

A through the desk grommet stand requires you to drill a hole into your desk and then have the stand positioned on the desk. This ensures that the monitor is secured permanently, but also it requires you to get more hands on in the installation process.

Monitor Size

Most monitor stands can accommodate a large range of monitor sizes without any modifications, with the largest size supported out of the box being  27 inches.

If you are looking at mounting larger panels then we suggest  you do not go for a triple monitor setup because even if you put up three 27 inch displays, adjustability is reduced harshly.

VESA Compliance

VESA is basically a standard for monitor mounts. This standard specifies the exact distance at which the holes have to be drilled apart from one another. The most common VESA standard is the VESA 100 which as the name suggests is a configuration where the holes are drilled exactly 100mm apart.

There are some mounts that have holes drilled in closer and these are not VESA compatible. Third party adapters are available for a few mounts to make them VESA compatible but not all mounts support adapters.


When you are going for a pro setup with 3 screens then you better have a mount that is durable. It needs to hold the monitor securely for extended periods of time.

Some of the factors that you need to consider to ensure durability are how much weight the mount can carry, the material that it is made up of and how strong the hinges are.

If you are using a standard size monitor then you will not face any issues on the weight front but if you are going bigger than we recommend you test if it takes the weight.


This isn’t the most important aspect because effectively a good mount will conceal itself behind the monitor and will not make itself presence felt. But If you are having doubts choosing between monitors then maybe aesthetics can help you make the call.

Now that we have discussed the factors you need to consider before choosing a monitor let’s look at some of the best options in the market.

TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL

TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL

The TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL is a clamp based monitor stand that offers a very fluid design. It allows for a great range of accessibility. And adjustability. The arms are very fluid and can accommodate any kind of displays.

Design and Build

The build quality and design of this monitor is great. Each of its arms can hold panels that vary in size from 13 inch all the way to 30 inch. The stand has a very sturdy and premium feel to it. This can be credited to the use of heavy duty metal for the stand and also the fact that it comes in at around 17lbs.

Even when fully loaded with screen the smooth movements of the arms are retained and do not cause any hindrance in terms of adjustability. Each arm can hold a maximum weight of 15.5lbs so you only need to be checking for stability issues if you are going for a larger monitor.


With the TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL there is almost limitless maneuverability in terms of placing the display in the right manner.

The stand has a vertical adjust range of 21 inches with a maximum forwards range of 28.inches. You can also rotate each display in 360 degree freedom because of the way the VESA mounts are placed. The base in itself has an option to be rotated in 270 degree meaning that you can always set the monitor to the  right settings. 

All the necessary hardware components come available in the packaging and you also get a 3 year warranty right out og the box from TechOrbits. There is also a variant with integrated cable management.

You can check out the TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL here.

VIVO Triple Monitor Mount

Vivo Triple Monitor

The Vivo Triple Monitor mount is a simple free standing mount. The entire stand is made out of steel and hence has a very sturdy feel to it. It is mostly used  in tables where you cannot confidently snap a clamp base mount such as a glass table.

The setup is extremely easy and can be done instantly after unboxing.

Design and Build

The entire stand weighs around 17lbs in total and has a steel build. The base measures around 17” x 12.5 with each of the arms being able to hold close to 17.6lbs. This means that it is sufficient for normal to large size displays.

The Vivo triple monitor stand supports the traditional VESA 100 standard and in addition to that the stand provides support for the VESA 75 standard as well.

The stand also comes with integrated cable management slots so as to have a clean desk setup. Each arm of the Vivo monitor stand comes with specially designed loops that can be used to string cables together. You can als run these wires along the stand arm  and then have them managed via the loops.


Pulling the screens wide apart will put the end of the displays close to 48 inches apart. The Vivo triple monitor stand also has the ability to rotate the VESA mounts by a full 360 degree and also swivel 90 degree on either side. The stand also has a tilt angle of 45 degrees.

As far as height adjustment goes there isn’t too much to mess around with here. The VESA mounts can be adjusted 1.1 inch upor down and that is all the range you have with the height on this monitor stand. Each of the arms can easily hold displays ranging from 13 inch to 27 inch, but if you are going bigger than that then its best to check the weights first.

Stand Steady 3

Stand Steady 3

The Stand Steady 3 offers a new pole type design for the three monitors.This monitor can be set up either via a side clam or through a grommet. The side clam does not require you to do any sort of alteration to the desk whereas the if you are planning to set it up with a grommet then you will have to create a holds within the desk

Using a grommet would result in having a more steady base but if alterations to the table are not possible then we can use the side clamp.

The stand steady 3 provides for a height adjustable centric stand. This is because they want to mitigate the problem of users hunching over their computer for prolonged periods of time.

Design and Build

The Steady stand 3 has a very sturdy design but is extremely light weight, coming in at only 11lbs. Each arm of the Steady Stand 3 has the ability to hold 17.6;bs and can easily accommodate displays ranging form 13inch all the way till 30 inch.

This mount supports the regular VESA 100 standard and in addition to that also supports the VESA 75 standard increasing the range of displays that can be mounted onto the stand.

The design of the stand is simplistics and does not expose much of itself. If you are using 3 monitors then there is no doubt that you are running close to a minimum of 5-6 cables. The Steady Stand 3 offers cable management options by integrating cable management clips along the side of the stand, allowing for clean setup.


The major highlight about this stand is the height adjustability feature. This stand allows you to push your displays up by about 35 inches from the baseline. The stand also offers a variety of features such as a complete 360 degree rotation for the VESA mounts,  90 degree rotation for base and a 45 degree tilt angle.

The stand is very light weight and hence it makes the installation process a breeze if you are using the side-on clamp. If you are going for the grommet type installation then you might have to ready your desk accordingly which is going to take a little more effort.

If you can plan to use the clamp you will need to ensure that the desk is not thicker than 3.46 inches. All the hardware required to install the stand comes in the box unless you are going got the grommet installation.

Final Thoughts

So those were some of our recommendations for the best triple screen monitors for your setup. We have taken into account the build quality,size of screen that the stand accommodates and also cable management before suggesting these monitors.

The Vivo Triple Monitor Stand is a free standing mount, it has the easiest setup of all the three stands but  lacks when it comes to height adjustability.

The TechOrbit SmartSWIVEL provides an extremely wide range of customizations and adjustable features making it a great choice as your display mount.

The Stand Steady 3 is the best out of the lot if you are looking for vertical height adjustments and it can also be mounted via a grommet for more stability.

So that was our pick for the best triple monitor stand, if you have some other suggestions do let us know down below!

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