Tricks to Make Electrical Installations at Home

House wiring

Have you ever had a socket blown and have you known what to do? Does the world fall on you when you have to replace a halogen or when you break the cable of an electrical appliance such as the washing machine or the refrigerator? If these situations happen to you or you fear that similar ones happen to you, it is better that you take the necessary measures, and among them is always to have the best materials. It is also good that you know some tricks to do for yourself small everyday things that are easier than you can imagine.

Today we can design the electrical installation scheme faster and more accurately with the help of special software. Engineers in modern industries are accustomed to using special assistance that enables them to correct every mistake and apply the latest designs without repeating the entire installation process. To know more in the picture of how an electrical CAD software works, it is important for you to click By using the software then every process of electrical installation design should not be done manually. Some of them can be adjusted to the required components automatically.

Some elements necessary for your electrical repairs

When it comes to undertake any electrical repair, the first is to follow some basic safety guidelines among which is, of course, turn off the power by disconnecting the general switch that is usually in a control box near the entrance of your home. Once you have everything you need, it will be time to proceed with the repair in question, for which you will have to follow the necessary guidelines in each case. By having a virtual schema you can more easily understand which parts need to be repaired.

How to make an electrical installation in your home

If you are going to face the electrical installation of your home or some rooms of it, the first thing will be to make a sketch of the house. In it you will clearly indicate where you intend to place the plugs, the switches and the points of light, that is, the lamps. You should use markers of different colors to join the plugs according to their resistance, because it is not the same one for a night lamp (about ten amps) that another for a washing machine, hair dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator … (usually the more powerful, from 16 to 25 amps). Once you have done this, you should look at elements such as the automatic main switch, which protects from short circuits, the differential, which is the one that jumps when there is a significant leak or current, or other small circuit breakers that also protect from overloads and small shorts.

The cables, inside or outside?

Another vital decision is whether to place all the wiring in a visible or recessed manner on the wall. The first option may be less aesthetic, yes, but also more comfortable and faster. In addition, today there are all kinds of electric channels in the market that can get you out of more than one hurry and achieve a much better finish than you imagine.

Another advice would be to place the cables

50 centimeters from the floor and ceiling and 20 centimeters from doors, windows and other corners. At the time of placing the plugs and switches you can also follow a standard metric, although not general in all places, which would be 110 cm from the ground for the switches and between 20-30 cm from the ground for the plugs. These are some of the tips for your electrical installation, but remember to follow others in your home such as not leaving electrical appliances within the reach of children or use them when you are barefoot, never pull the cord to unplug something.

Precautions in electrical installations

Taking certain measures and precautions is absolutely necessary when we talk about electrical installations. Electricity can be very dangerous because it can cause some difficulties and accidents, such as a fire in the home. It is in those moments when we realize that a revision was necessary. We recommend that you do not wait for a fire to make you open your eyes. It is always better to conduct an annual review of electrical installations to be sure, especially if you have just moved. It is essential that an electrical expert review the electrical installations to give his approval. We never know how the previous owner cared for this type of facility. With a good review the surprises are over.

Precautions in electrical installations

Let’s now know the reasons why electrical installations can fail:

11% of incidents in homes are usually due to problems in the electrical installation. This can be prevented with a good electrical check. Routine checks can avoid threatening risks.

If a revision or manipulation is performed by a person who is not a professional, the electrical installation may fail. We recommend opting for a qualified specialist that can guarantee a good functioning of the electrical installations.

Many homes do not have a minimum security protection, which means that any heating or start up in the installation may cause a fire. Fire is of course commonly caused by improper electrical installation design, increasing the risk of short-circuit incidents that can damage the system.

Some electrical installations are not in perfect condition, which means that any increase or decrease in voltage could affect you much more than the rest. It is important for us to make sure everything is in perfect condition.

What to do to avoid failures in electrical installations

Let’s now know what must be done to avoid failures in electrical installations or, at least, to avoid them as far as possible. The first thing to do is to ask a genuine and qualified professional in the electricity sector to review the installation and make sure everything is correct. He will be responsible for reviewing all facilities, including the wiring system. To design an electrical installation scheme, you need to use software tailor made for it. If you want to get more information about qualified electric CAD software, visiting is recommended.

Use your electrical appliances properly:

Keep the heaters away from the curtains and avoid drying the clothes with the heaters at all costs.

Unplug all appliances once you have finished using them.

Do not cover the fan or an air inlet. Remove dust from the dryer whenever you can. Dust can disrupt the overall performance of the equipment and make the lifespan of the appliance reduced drastically.

Ask a technician to make sure that a connection meets the minimum requirements to have a good connection. For this you will have to make sure that the kitchen and the bathroom are grounded, among other things. The important thing is that a technical specialist approves your installation.

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