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Travel guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Frommer’s are useful for basic statistics, popular attractions and other generic knowledge but when it comes to living abroad, these books can’t give you the insider knowledge that you’ll be able to find from blogs and dedicated travel abroad websites that publish up-to-date information about how to successfully fulfil your travel aspirations.


One website that excels in providing information about internships, volunteering, studying, working and living abroad is Founded by Valentine Barbu, this website has only been in existence a little over a year but already been featured on The Boston Globe and provides valuable travel information at no cost. The website aims to provide information to help people sustainably travel and experience exotic cultures through internships, work opportunities, study abroad and volunteering. There are several easily navigable sections on the website that allow you to locate your desired information, and a unique technology provides visitors with a customized search function to help locate information throughout the website based on criteria such as duration, location, and type of program.


In recent years, there has been an increase in popularity of people pursuing internships and volunteer opportunities abroad, but where internship positions may have once offered to pay you a stipend for your efforts, current programs now charge thousands of dollars for a limited period of time. Even volunteer programs cost major bucks for people to participate, and although some of those fees cover accommodations and necessary equipment, there is a significant trend of inflation for both volunteer and internship program costs. Finding a program that matches your passion, location and budget can be a lengthy and mind aching process but can make researching a breeze!

You can delve into the large selection of possible overseas opportunities and the customized search bar allows you to find the program best suited to your geographic and occupational preferences. You can also read reviews from travellers who have personal experiences with particular programs give you the inside scoop on what it was really like to be involved with that program and you can easily connect with these same travellers to ask personal questions you may have about their experience in the community and discussions sections of the website.

3 also features a comprehensive section about study abroad programs with a large variety of respectable institutions ranging from high school to upper-level degrees. If you are more interested in teaching rather than studying abroad, there is a dedicated teach abroad section as well as ample information about essential qualifications like TEFL and TESOL certifications, where to get them and other important knowledge to keep you from wasting your time and money with illegitimate organizations that may be scamming aspiring travellers.


In addition to their overflowing vault of program listings and first-hand nomad knowledge, has its own blog where contributing writers and photographers publish content concerning almost any travel-related subject imaginable. The diversity of articles and authors is one of the greatest strengths about their blog, as their writers come from various backgrounds all around the world and share their individual experiences. Rather than sifting through various different blogs for worthy information, you can simply head to’s blog section to find articles ranging from more general topics like internship experiences to inimitable know-how about how to safely navigate the Thai night bus or how to prepare for Carnivale in Brazil.

5 gives you all the resources in one place that you need to plan your time abroad without spending hours sifting through hundreds of websites, getting tricked by scam organizations or missing out on valuable travel information that you may not have even considered. Skip the generic tour guide travel books and get personalized up to date know-how and connect with respectable institutions to make your time travelling abroad a reality.

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