Training Strategies for OSRS Mobile

OSRS Mobile may share the same servers as regular OSRS, but it’sa different beast altogether. For one, you use a touchscreen to interact with rather than a mouse. That alone makes some of the usual strategies for combat, training, and Old School RuneScape Gold (OSRS gold) farming unusable in mobile.

Here are a few alternatives when playing on the go!

OSRS Mobile Training Strategies

Farm Running

Cycling through farming patches to plant or harvest is a good source of farming XP. You’ll be teleporting everywhere, but having a sound plan makes things a little quicker. This is also called Crop Running, though the former is more common now. Herb Running is a subcategory of Farm Running. However, it’s done more for profit than training.

AFK Training

Activating multiple interactions with a single click is the best way to train in mobile. Power Fishing, Woodcutting, and miningall let you train relatively hands-free. Then, set your inventory to ‘drop on tap’ so you can drop what you’ve collected to start all over again. This method can also be used for leveling Thieving—just make sure to change targets every so often!

AFK Combat

Similar to what we’ve discussed above, training combat skills generally takes only a single click. As long as the creature doesn’t die easily, you can leave your character attacking it for a while. Splashing, for example, is a good way to do this. Make sure you can survive its attacks, and that you check up on the game once in a while. If you can handle it, the Nightmare Zone gives out good XP if you can beat the bosses.

Additional Notes

The above strategies work because you don’t need precision in clicking spots as you could in PC. It’s worth noting that 1.5 tick skilling in mobile is harder, as there is a tendency to“misclick” often enough to make it inefficient.

The ‘Withdraw all’ and ‘Deposit all’ settings for banking is a nifty option for leveling other skills such as Herblore or Gemcutting. They let you withdraw or deposit all the similar items including OSRS gold sell in your inventory. That means you just need one tap to fill your bag with gems to cut or herbs to clean.

If your phone or tablet has a stylus, use it. It’s more precise than your finger after all. Opting to use your fingers exclusively makes the strategies above moot unless going slightly AFK. Be warned, though, as some separately buyable styluses have the same effectiveness as a finger. When buying one, pick one with a narrower tip than usual.

It’s time to give these strategies a whirl! They will ease your skilling and leveling a bit. Also, if you’re the type to multitask, you can since these don’t need total supervision. You can also have your own strategies in playing OSRS Mobile. Everything mentioned above are merely suggestions. They’re guidelines, not absolute rules.

The most important thing is that you get to enjoy the game. If it’s getting stale, try another strategy or do another activity. Play at your own pace and stop comparing yourself to other players.

Happy leveling and adventuring!

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