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Video games

It’s great when a product is created that can expand into other genres. That’s often the case with video games that eventually end up being turned into slot games. A visit to popular UK online casinos on this listing, according to Casino Gambler website, can present you with the opportunity to play several of these games. Let’s look at the best that are available online this year.

Tomb Raider

Since 1996, Lara Croft has been entertaining those who love playing video games. It was inevitable that one of our favorite heroines wouldn’t just be a character in a video game. The movies beckoned and so did the slots industry. Those who love visiting UK online casinos can enjoy this Tomb Raider game and its sequels.

There are two bonus features to try and trigger in this slot game. The Tomb Bonus is a pick ‘em game where you are required to choose from between three and five idols. Cash prizes can be won, so choose wisely. The free spins feature can see you start with 10 spins that won’t cost you anything. More can be won, and all wins are tripled. Now that’s going to put a big smile on any UK online casino player.

Resident Evil 6

Here’s another video game that has been used in other genres and never waned in popularity. As well as the several video games, Resident Evil has been a great success in the slot’s world too.

Take for example, Resident Evil 6 which has impressed those who play it at the newest UK casinos found online and those that have been around for years. When a game spawns several sequels it’s important that the series remains fresh. You can’t just keep producing the same game with just the smallest of variations to the previous ones.

That’s not been the case with this series and the sixth game in the series has been well received by players at online UK casinos. One reason is the fact that there are four different bonus features to try and trigger. Each one of the four-character symbols has their own bonus game with everything from expanding and sticky wilds to free spins giving its players a great chance to boost their account balance.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Another video game that has been successfully transformed into a slot game is Call of Duty. That’s not surprising with the chance to enjoy a game that will bring back memories of the original version. However, the added bonus is that by playing the slot version at a UK online casino, there’s the opportunity to get some big cash wins too. More funds to use to buy more video games perhaps?

Streetfighter II: World Warrior

Many of us have fond memories of the Streetfighter video game. Not perhaps those of us who could quite work out how to play the game as well as our friends and spent most evenings seeing their characters being smashed to pieces. With a slot game it’s all a bit gentler and there’s the chance to win some cash at UK online casinos of course.

As with the video game, it is possible in the slot version to choose your own characters. Again this is a good way of attracting players to the slot version as it brings back memories of the video games.

This second Streetfighter slot remains a great game to play in 2023 at an UK online casino. It’ll most likely get you back playing the video game too or going out to buy it if not already purchased.

Just make sure that you always have a good health points tally. You’ll need those to cope with the 13 bonus features that this game has.

Space Invaders

Those of us of a certain age will remember this game that was released 45 years ago. Initially Space Invaders was available in amusement arcades and regularly seen in pubs. Again, it was a game that was a bit frustrating if you couldn’t quite get the hang of it. It was even worse if you had a friend who was an absolute genius at it. You’d play for a few minutes, get splattered and then he’d be on it for another ten minutes.

It was so popular though and a slot game version to play at UK online casinos was inevitable. There’s a base game and a bonus round to play and some great prizes to be won. The bonus game will bring back memories of the video game as you are given the opportunity to start trying to shoot down those dastardly aliens.

It’s another great game from Playtech who supply so many excellent games for UK online casinos. With wilds and re-spins available, the chances of getting some good wins are instantly increased. Just aim that cannon and turn symbols into wilds in this highly entertaining game.

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