The Best Gaming PCs of 2024: Top Picks for Every Budget

Technology is at unimaginable heights of success, with applications in every sector. Video games are the product of technological advancement, as we have more immersive games than ever before. The Immersiveness of a video game takes us to a virtual world, offering social connections, a creative environment, and mental peace.

However, high-quality video games demand that a gamer own a state-of-the-art computer system to run the game. Gaming laptops are excellent, but gaming PCs will always stay the favourite choice for gamers. The reason for that is elevated performance and upgradeable hardware, allowing gamers to keep up with contemporary gaming specifications.

With gaming PCs becoming an inevitable need for gamers and creators, we suggest you read this guide before buying your next gaming rig. We will cover every aspect of an incredible desktop by highlighting the top seven options in every budget. Thus, we will review gaming computers in view of performance, budget, and specifications.

Video Games and Gaming PCs

Video games offer the best time to people who are exhausted from daily chores, including homework, office tasks, etc. They spend time playing games to divert their attention, relax their minds, and take away their exhaustion. The rise of video games is a testament to the excellence that occurred over the years.

Thus, the global number of video game users has reached a staggering 2.58 billion in 2024, which is expected to hit 3.02 billion users in 2029, according to Statista. Another cause of this overwhelming figure is the rise of eSports, which allows gamers to make a lucrative career by spending their time playing their favourite games.

With hyper-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, gaming rigs become integral for gamers. You can create a personalised PC from scratch using your desired hardware, but pre-built PCs from reputable brands do wonders for gamers. Buying high-end computers may cost deep pockets, but it is worth the investment for the top-notch returns you get.

Best Gaming PCs of 2024

Having a high-end gaming PC translates to excellent gameplay. It reflects the optimised performance of gamers, improving their influence in the substantial eSport community. Thus, we have enlisted some of the best gaming PCs in 2024 while considering every budget and performance in mind. Here is a quick list of the top gaming rigs that you can buy and level up your gaming experience:

  • Best overall – HP Omen 45L
  • Best high-end gaming PC – Alienware Aurora R16
  • Top mini gaming PC – MSI MPG Trident AS
  • Cost-effective gaming PC – Maingear MG-1 Silver
  • Best upgradable gaming computer – Lenovo Legion Tower 7i
  • Powerful gaming PC – iBuyPower Gaming RDY
  • Best enthusiast gaming PC – Corsair One i500

1. HP Omen 45L

A complete gaming PC comes with several benefits for users. From high-end performance to robust cooling and intense graphics, gaming computers make it effortless for users to experience irresistible gameplay on the go. HP has stood out for computer hardware for a long time due to its commitment to innovation and technological breakthroughs.

HP Omen 45L is an incredible gaming PC with an Intel Core i9 13900K processor, making performance as smooth as butter. With a compact size and enhanced internal storage of 1TB SSD, the HP Omen 45L is a beast for gamers.

Since HP is a reputable brand, innovations have always been the vision for it. Thus, it allows you to buy your next gaming device with advanced financial tools, such as cryptocurrency. You can benefit from CoinGate as it enables you to buy crypto assets through fiat currency and debit and credit cards effortlessly, allowing you to level up your gaming experience with HP Omen 45L.

2. Alienware Aurora R16

The appearance of a gaming PC is another thing that gamers desire. It is when the Alienware Aurora R16 pops up as one of the most stylish gaming rigs. Besides its stylish looks, impressive cooling, and high-end RAM make it a top option for gamers who want to hit 4K frame rates.

With a matchless Nvidia RTX 4080 Super GPU and Intel Core i9 CPU, Alienware Aurora R16 takes speed and efficiency to new heights of excellence. Thus, it is an incredible choice for gamers with a moderate budget to invest in their gaming gadgets.

3. MSI MPG Trident AS

Some users prioritise performance and speed over appearance and the massive size of the computer. Thus, mini PCs are the best alternative, as they are minimal in taking up space but matchless in gaming and rendering of content.

MSI MPG Trident AS is one such example that comes in a compact size, helping you save space in your workspace and gaming desk. This way, you can decorate it to your taste without worrying about the massive size of other rigs.

Regarding specifications, MSI MPG Trident AS comes with a Core i7 CPU and Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti GPU, which is adequate to run high-end video games without affecting the gameplay.

4. Maingear MG-1 Silver

As an affordable and cost-effective gaming PC, Maingear MG-1 Silver stands out among competitors if you compare its solid performance with its price. Strong build quality and professional build bring MG-1 Silver to the top of the list for affordable gaming PCs.

Though it won’t allow you to play your favourite high-end video game at the highest frame rate, you can still play top games at optimal graphics. This is due to the PNY GeForce RTX 4060 8GB Verto GPU that comes built-in to Maingear MG-1 Silver.

5. Lenovo Legion Tower 7i

Gaming PCs offer you the liberty to upgrade and personalise your computer as per your taste and preference. Lenovo Legion Tower 7i has everything it takes for a computer to be upgradeable.

With a minimalist yet high-quality build, Lenovo Legion Tower 7i comes with multiple ports on the front for efficient accessibility, allowing you to connect various gaming gadgets and tools simultaneously.

The 32GB DDRS-4400 RAM, Intel Core i9 CPU, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 GPU function effectively on the backend to offer you a smooth and efficient gaming experience.

6. iBuyPower Gaming RDY

When discussing AMD and performance Monster, it would be cruel not to mention iBuyPower Gaming RDY. With optimised hardware for high-end video games, gamers love to invest in buying this machine to level up their gameplay.

The 16-core Ryzen chip and RX 7900 XTX GPU make it a performance leader among gaming PCs. Thus, if you want to combine performance and colourful appearance, look nowhere else, as iBuyPower Gaming RDY has everything it takes for a computer to accomplish your gaming desires.

7. Corsair One i500

As one of the most compact and stylish computers, the Corsair One i500 is the go-to option for numerous gamers. The wooden and symmetric design catches the eyes of the spectators, making it challenging to avoid.

However, external appearance is not the only reason we enlist this excellent gaming PC. Strong gaming performance, effortless upgradability, and high-end hardware help Corsair One i500 stand out as the best compact gaming PC.

The powerful Intel Core i9-14900K processor and Zotac RTX 4080 Super Trinity GPU turn this eye-catching PC into a gaming beast. Furthermore, 32GB Corsair DDRS-6000 RAM and 2TB Samsung SSD allow versatile functionality for this PC.

Final Words

Gaming PCs are a dream ownership for gamers worldwide. The rising number of gamers and the development of hyper-realistic games pave the way for a dramatic increase in the sales of gaming PCs. You can own one of the best gaming PCs based on your preferences and wants by reading this article, which which covers versatile options.

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