Top 7 Tips To Prevent Car Accidents

Car accident

Car crashes are common in every part of the world and despite the safe driving tips we grew up learning, professional advice for avoiding accidents is the need of the hour.The tips below have been assimilated by extracting information from driving schools and expert drivers who have experience driving cross-country roads and highways.These are sure to help you steer clear of any unpleasant situations that might have you calling a car insurance company for claims. However, in case you meet an accident, you should consult a professional lawyer like attorney Joshua Myers for expert advice. Even if you are have never been into an accident, you must know your rights and steps to follow in such situations.

Avoid Speeding

Do not take the fast lane and never go for easy routes like the center or right lane when you feel like switching lanes in a hurry.Statistics reveal that the left lane contributes to most of the accidents -minor or major – because drivers tend to move fast while switching.Take care to avoid this, as it might also get you a speeding ticket.

Stay Vigilant When Driving

Keeping an eye on the vehicles ahead of you will provide a lucid idea or picture of the traffic, so maneuver your vehicle accordingly.Don’t just eyeball the car directly in front of you.Instead, maintain a safe distance from it, so that you have ample reaction time in case the vehicle ahead of you makes a sudden stop.Also, watch for the truckers on the road and do not spend too much time driving between them.

Watch Out For The Blind Spots

Before you begin driving, it is recommended that you adjust your rear view mirrors and the side mirrors to get a clear pan optic view of the rear and what’s behind you. Furthermore,keep checking the sides and the vehicles behind you, so you don’t miss out on something the mirrors left out.

Make Use Of The 9 and 3 o’Clock Position

The clock directions basically refer to the position of both your hands on the steering wheel.Most drivers place their hands at the bottom of the wheel when driving or at the 12 o’clock position.It is a good idea to stay alert while driving and place your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock positions to get a better grip on the wheel.

Go For A Better Driver Control

Safe driving requires better vehicle control and a firm grip on the wheel.You can avoid car accidents by gaining proper race car driver control.To do this,just move your driving seat closer to the steering wheel so that your arms are easily positioned at the wheel top.This way your back would rest against the seat and your arm would be outstretched allowing you comfort while driving and an opportunity for quick last-minute maneuvers on the road, if needed.

Maintain Your Car

The upkeep of your car is extremely important; the better the condition of your vehicle,the less risk you run of experiencing a crash or bang.Keep a check on your car’s fluids,brakes,engine performance,tires, and gauge systems to ensure your vehicle is in topnotch condition.This encourages safe driving and helps you avoid hassles like a flat tire,breakdown in the middle of the road and a faulty engine.

Avoid Driving Near Reckless Drivers

The condition of a vehicle tells a lot about its driver.If you spot an unkempt cars with dirty windows and tires or body damage, chances are high the driver is careless about its ride.Avoid driving near such car and keep to your lane.

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