Top 6 Reasons Why Recruiters are Looking Out for PMP Certification

Project management certifications have become very popular among IT professionals. Go anywhere on the web looking for a project manager job, employers are demanding this credential. It also plays an important role in future promotions, salary increment, and performance evaluations. Thus, it is without a doubt understandable that PMP certification training is very important for career growth. 


According to several studies, millions of jobs are created every year. However, candidates without PMP certifications have fewer chances of being considered for the role. There are other studies as well that suggest a new trend among recruiters. Recruiters divide resumes into two groups: candidates with PMP certifications and without. Resumes with no PMP certification are hardly noticed. But why has it suddenly become so important today for employers? Let us dive into the reasons.

Economic demand and salary trends

Believe it or not, the truth is that skilled project managers have become an integral part of the IT industry. Even government organizations value project managers with PMP certification. 

The demand for PMP certification in the US marketplace is increasing with time, several big firms have revealed that their clients are demanding only project management certified candidates. 

Most managers employed in MNCs are PMP certified project management professionals. According to the latest salary trends in India, a PMP professional earns anywhere between 8 lacs per annum—20 lacs per annum. 

Defined processes 

Several firms have strictly-defined processes, which they want to be adhered very diligently by their project managers. PMP certification ensures that these defined processes of business remain the same everywhere irrespective of geographical barriers. A PMP certified manager is familiar with these processes and understands all aspects of it. 

Common language

Terminologies of business studies change from one place to another. However, that is not the case with PMP certification. PMP certified managers speak the same common language of business. Many PMP certified project management professionals have said that this certification allows them to communicate with their clients and vendors really effectively. 

A sign of your dedication and motivation

Employers are always on the hunt to hire candidates who are not just hard working but also willing to go beyond their call of duty to achieve a task. They want to hire only dedicated and motivated people who can think smart and out of the box. Achieving PMP certification is just the right way to prove all of this to your clients. 

To earn a PMP certification, one needs to invest his or her time, focus, and energy. You learn different aspects of a business. It is proof that you are a smart-working intelligent project manager who can deal with any situation. 

Ability to work in a structured way

In this advanced and competitive world, a manager has to be versatile and become capable of approaching a particular business project in a very systematic way. There has to be some sort of a structure to resolve a task. Certified project managers know how to handle a project in a structured way

While preparing for PMP certification, you can check your judgment and decision-making ability. You can also enhance your comprehension ability and pay more attention to detail. These are the traits of a good project manager. You have set yourself apart from the crowd by gaining these skills.

Ability to deal with any corporate situation smartly

A corporate environment can throw a variety of challenges anytime. A project management professional should be able to deal with them smartly and possibly with different approaches. 

Not all corporate challenges require you to deal with them the same way. They may all look the same but essentially they are different. To find out the very difference is what needs a well-experienced project manager. 

A project management professional is aware of all such corporate situations already. He is trained to deal with different corporate challenges that may come up in the future. PMP management trainees have to clear a variety of mock tests to earn their certifications. This means a PMP certified manager your hire has an edge over other candidates. 

Thus we can say that PMP certification is very important for both employees and employers nowadays. It is proof of your ability to lead a team and make sound decisions in all situations. If you have not gotten your PMP certification yet, then hurry up. Achieving PMP certification can help you stand out.

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