Top 5 Upcoming Video Games Of 2018

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2018 is almost upon us and the exciting thing about it is the slew of fun-packed and fantabulous games that will be released in the next few months. Friv games like Monster Hunter World, Super Mario and Angry Birds on Juegos Friv are stowed with over the top special effects, stylish characters, poignant storylines, and brilliant sequences that elevate the gaming experience to an even higher echelon. While 2017 brought to us some great games, the coming year also has some quirky and wow-worthy online games and titles piled up for all gamers to give a shot. Even though their release dates are tentative, the fact that they have some great stuff to offer keeps the anticipation soaring. Take a look:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

All set for January 26, 2018, release, this 2.5D fighting game from Arc System Works boasts a snazzy and beautiful artwork that is manifested through the character Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ’s brazen and vibrant 3D models that give ‘anime’ a whole new meaning. This fun game features an alliance of Vegeta, Goju and Cell from the earlier games bonding to take on some flashy evil in town. A great title built for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms that is definitely play-worthy.

Monster Hunter: World

The customizable game, Mutilate Doll 2 might be a product of ingenuity but wait till you’ve tried your hands on Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World. Releasing on 26 January 2018, the quirky action role-playing game is a typical long-paced action saga that features extraordinary graphics, vivid imagination with an interesting story, expanded weaponry, lavish armor and undeniably cool characters. It is fun wandering through dense tropical forests hunting for gritty dragons and dinosaurs to slay while you stay camouflaged in thick foliage. With a brand new pack of attack choices and difficult-to-perfect maneuvers, this promises to be a thrilling ride for PS4, Xbox One and MS Windows game enthusiasts.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This medieval RPG title is built high on grandeur with its upsized Bohemian like open-world available to you for exploration. Shying away from the stereotypical map pointers and HUD markers that are a highlight of any panoptic RPG, this historical epic is grittier, rough and more challenging. Packed with some exciting quests, activities, and events exclusive to the massive open-world that tend to move on even if you aren’t playing, the game actually gets players excited, urging prompt action. Seeing the kind of grandiose presented in the game’s preview, it seems the finished product will be something massive and super-special. The game will be available for the major consoles, MS Windows as well as Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Metal Gear Survive

Developed for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms, Metal Gear Survive by Konami is slated for a February 20, 2018, release. It’s a third-person multiplayer title with the tagline ‘survival’ where soldiers on a place called Mother Base suddenly find themselves surrounded and attacked by crystal-garbed zombies that they need to fight. With some cool action sequences, hardcore gameplay, high production values, co-op horde modes and zippy graphics, this survival game will surely warm the hearts of gaming enthusiasts.

Sea Of Thieves

Pirates Aye? This incredible action adventure game is scheduled to be released on 20 March 2018 and is sure to impress gamers because who doesn’t like pirates? Flamboyantly adventurous, Sea of Thieves is all about boats, sea robbers, loot, rum times, voguish hats and boastful swaggering. A game about pirates definitely has elements that tickle your fancy and this title does not fall short of expectations. Family friendly and fun, this game by Rare is about a pirate protagonist who sets on an amazing journey with his supportive crewmates in pursuit of hidden treasures. So, if you love sea battles or taking down a ship, give this one a try. The game will initially be available for only PC and Xbox One.

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