Top 3 Valuable Advice To Extend Your PCs Life

Melbourne is the cosmopolitan capital of the Victoria Territory. It is known for its wonderful laneway culture with various trending restaurants, museums, and galleries. The Yarra River, which meanders around town, gives it a refreshing vibe. Today, it is the 2nd most densely populated city in the Land Down Under because many people have chosen to call it home. As such, many companies, especially those in the tech industry, have set up shop here, so it is also known as a technology hub.

If you call Melbourne home, you truly live in an idyllic place. In this digital age, where the modern world is dependent on gadgets, living in a tech hub is convenient. This means you won’t encounter any problems resolving your tech issue because there are many PC repairs in Melbourne to help you if you’re in a bind. However, the key is to make sure your computer remains healthy, so it doesn’t crash. Many professionals suggest the following tips extend your PC’s life. Doing these will ensure that you can keep the big problems at bay. 

Pay Attention To Cooling

All computers emit heat, so you have to make sure that it stays properly cooled. Most PC experts say that your priority is to keep the cooling fan in good shape as this provides the much-needed air circulation. For desktops, make sure your workstation is organized, so you don’t block the vents with your clutter. For laptops, do not place your device over pillows or soft blankets. The sheets will cover the slats of the cooling vents and cause overheating. Always work on a solid space.

Moreover, it would be best to perform a regular cleaning schedule of your PC’s cooling fans to ensure optimal performance. This is especially important if you live in a high traffic place with lots of dust or if you have pets that shed off fur. You’ll be surprised at how dust and animal coats accumulate inside the fan. If you are not a techie, then asking for the help of a PC professional is ideal. You can bring your device to their shop or schedule an appointment for home service. 

Perform Regular Checks

When it comes to your PC’s superior performance, you must conduct three routine checks, namely, pay attention to the antivirus software, do a defrag, and make a disk check. Antivirus software is protection for your PC, which catches any malware from web searches or shared files. A defrag is a defragmentation utility that cleans up files left in temporary folders. This goes together with a check disk, which sorts through your files to spot any errors. All three work together to ensure your PC’s memory and limited disk space stays in good condition.  

Should you feel confused about installing these software utilities, find one from the many  PC repairs in Melbourne. These pros will offer premium software to ascertain that your computer stays healthy. In fact, they can schedule any vital scans at night, so your computer gets cleaned while you are asleep, so it doesn’t interfere with your work. They ensure your PC is guarded against any virus or other problems. 

Rely On a UPS

Finally, you must purchase a UPS for your device. A UPS is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a very affordable piece of technology that can protect your PC against power surges. This is extremely important for desktops. Should something happen to your electric current, you keep your device secure. Sometimes, you don’t see these little flickers and spikes, but your computer feels the brunt of it all. Getting a UPS will help you protect your investment. Remember to change it every three years for best performance.

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