Top 3 Upcoming Console Games

For the ultimate gamer in you, if you are constantly looking for the best and latest, there are many new titles you are probably looking forward to seeing hit the shelves. So regardless of the style of gaming you enjoy, these are some of the top games to look out for, for the best consoles, which are bound to get you going on all cylinders when playing against the toughest online competition.

Whether you are on PS4, Xbox One, or PC, this is a game you are probably ready to see hit the shelves in stores. The sci-fi shooter game has redefined the platform, places you on a space station which is overrun by shape shifting aliens, and has given you an extremely different pattern of play to integrate yourself into. Morgan Yu (the protagonist) must fight back against these new challenges, new invaders, and is placed in a struggle for survival, as new challenges are often encountered along the way.

Injustice 2 
This game is going to be available for the PS platform as well as for Xbox One. Superman, Batman, and other well-known super heroes are back to duke it out in this action-packed fighter style game. If you enjoy DC Comics, you are truly going to enjoy the integration, the player and character development, and the distinct fighting which is going to take place in this game. Enhanced character play, new character features, power development, and a personalized, custom approach to each character, is going to redefine what you are used to, and truly give a new light and new life to the characters that you have grown to love through the series and comic books over the years.

Star Trek Bridge crew 
For the PS and Vive platform, comes another great game in the world of Star Trek. Whether you are a trekky, you are likely going to enjoy the gaming developed and delivered to you in this upcoming game. The four-player virtual reality game allows you to live out your fantasy as being on the starship, and fighting enemy combatants. You can step off the Enterprise and wander around with your friends, allowing you to delve yourself in the world you have come to love on screen. You get to assume various roles on the bridge of Enterprise; and, although it does look challenging, it surely going to be fan favorite for anyone who has learned to love the show, the movies, and the character development in the world of Star Trek over the years.

Whether you are a fan of the films and shows, or simply love gaming and new challenges, there are great new console games  on the horizon which are ready for release in the coming months. For those who are always looking for the best and newest, and want to enjoy the very best in gaming graphics, on the best gaming platforms, these are a few up and coming games to look out for in the coming months.

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