Top 3 Misconceptions Of Motorcycle Ownership


Owning and riding a motorcycle can be one of the most thrilling exercises known to man, but it is also the subject of numerous misconceptions. These can create a huge stigma for riders, while they may also prevent them from making insurance claims and in some instances deter them from picking up a helmet in the first place. It is therefore important to expose some of these conceptions for a wider audience, so that aspiring bikers from around the world can indulge their passions free from prejudice and judgement.

The Top 3 Misconceptions of Bike Ownership

With this in mind, here are three of the bike ownership misconceptions and the truth they belie: –

Biking is dangerous and likely to cause accidents

While bikers who are caught in an automotive accident are more likely to experience significant injury, it is unfair to claim that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. In fact, studies suggest that skilled and responsible bikers are automotive accident, primarily because they have a greater ability to avoid collisions and extradite themselves from dangerous situations. This all depends on your perspective, of course, but the sweeping assertion that biking is dangerous remains grossly misjudged.

Motorcycle Owners find it hard to access Insurance Coverage 

This is also nonsense, particularly in an age where progressive and forward-thinking insurers are capable of delivering specialist coverage. There are in fact a number of tailored policies that have been designed specifically for motorcyclists, with brands such as Start Rescue leading the marketplace. From viable breakdown coverage to policies that account for the unique risks and advantages associated with riding a motorcycle, such coverage means that bikers have never found it easier to source viable, affordable and comprehensive insurance.

Riders who are at fault in an Accident do not Deserve Compensation

We live in a society that is unfortunately driven by blame culture, and when an accident occurs that involves a motorcycle it is more than likely that bikers will assume responsibility for the crash. This could lead to unwarranted legal battles, and it may be necessary to use a motorcycle accident lawyer. Even if a biker is charged in a motorcycle accident, however, this does not mean that they should be ineligible for or prevented from accessing their coverage and automotive accident. This is because they are many external conditions and factors that can contribute to a collision on the road, and these are as applicable to bikers as they are to those who drive cars.

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