Tips to Sell Your Phone Online

Ecommerce is a booming business nowadays. With numerous ecommerce platforms and a host of online service providers, it has become extremely popular business proposition. These ecommerce platforms can be effectively used to sell your phone at a reasonable price. The increasing peer pressure and changing technologies of smartphones forces people to change their phones and be updated with the latest versions. It has become a trend now to almost keep changing your phone every time a new updated version arrives in the market. But what if you get a good amount of money from your older phone by selling it online, obviously there is nothing better than that as you don’t need to put too much money to buy a new one, as you will be recovering some of the costs of the older one. But getting a good price for an older version is not at all an easy job. After all smartphones are the most dynamic and change witnessing device available in the market. So a second hand phone would surely sell at a much lower price. But here are some tips that if followed could help you sell your phone online and that too at a good price.

• You can attract prospective buyers for your phone buy making good use of your social media accounts, your friends and followers. You can make a personalized ad or post for your phone to be sold, giving all the necessary details and posting them on social media would help to reach out to people. You can ask your friends to further share the post amongst their friends and hence increase the reach. Facebook and instagram could be the best platform to do it.

• Make sure that you do mention your location while selling your phone online so that you can avoid any hassle or inconvenience involved in carrying out financial transaction and delivery of the phone.

• Make sure that the visuals you use to put on social media in the form of pictures or videos are of high quality and your phone is cleaned properly to give as much fresh look as possible.

• Don’t mention too much negatives about your phone instead try selling on the positives as much as possible. Make sure that the buyers should feel that it is actually going to be a worthy proposition for them. Only then you could get good return for you phone.

• Make full use of websites like Quikr, ebay and olx etc. to get your ad posted on them. Register yourself and make sure proper specification and image of your phone is posted on these websites to help you contact potential buyer for your phone.

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