Tips for Settling Back into the Office

Offices everywhere have slowly started to welcome employees back after more than a year of working from home. For some people, this might be a relief but for many people, it is going to be a big adjustment and you may find yourself longing for your home comforts. Here are some simple little tips to help make your workspace a little more welcoming when you are back in the office.

Tips for Settling Back into the Office
  1. Display some family photos – most offices will allow for a few personal items on your desk and a family photo is a perfect accessory to remind you of home. These metal canvas prints make a stylish addition to your workspace whilst keeping it looking clean and professional. If you are not much of a family person you can erect a picture of a beloved pet who will be waiting for you to get home at the end of the day. Any image that might remind you of just why you work so hard can be a great morale booster for when you are feeling fed up.
  2. Add some greenery – a simple potted plant can brighten up your desk space and have a calming effect during even the most stressful workdays. A real plant is ideal, but an artificial plant also works in bringing a bit of colour and life to your desk. Depending on the size of your workspace you could incorporate a variety of plants and flowers to brighten up not just your day but everyone else’s around you!
  3. Quirky stationery – you may think it a little juvenile to buy colourful or quirky stationery for work, but you would be surprised at how much it might improve your day. Purchase a little desk tidy to keep all your pens organised, get a fun notebook to make all your notes in, use colourful post-it notes – anything that might put a little smile on your face.
  4. Get yourself a mousepad – a mousepad is another way to add a bit of colour and personalisation to your desk. You can get a simple patterned mousepad for a splash of colour or use a photo to make a completely custom one, and an ergonomic mouse mat is always a good idea for making yourself more physically comfortable at work.
  5. Make yourself comfortable – in the interest of physical comfort and following on from the previous point, it is vital that you make your workspace as ergonomic as possible. Use a back support and a footrest if you need them. These will sometimes be provided by your employer but you can always bring a pretty cushion from home to make your office chair a little more decorative.
  6. Take your own coffee mug – After a year of drinking out of your own mugs in your home, it might be a little depressing to find yourself sitting at your desk drinking from the plain office mugs for shared use. Inject a bit of personality into your morning coffee round and get yourself a funny mug.

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