Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Thesis Topic


Do you have to write your thesis shortly? And do not you know what kind of subject you should choose and you need thesis help. Then we have some useful tips for you here.

First of all: choose a topic or problem that actually interests or intrigues you. This should always be the basis for your research and thesis because pleasure motivates!

But what if…

… Your supervisor does not respond enthusiastically?

Do not view this as a criticism of your subject, but as a challenge to come to a good question together. Explain what you find fascinating about the subject. Describe why the subject/problem is important in your field. Appoint links. Listen to your supervisor’s comments and try to translate his/her objections into an alternative approach to the topic that interests you. Guaranteed: together you will arrive at an approach that will both please you!

The first tip is to choose a thesis topic that you really like and find interesting. With a thesis, you often work full-time for half a year, if it is no longer. It is then good to be working on a subject that interests you. You are more motivated and writing/researching is easier.

A second tip:

is to check whether there is easy enough scientific literature on the subject, in languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can understand. You can make it difficult for yourself by opting for an interesting subject that has little to say about or about which texts mainly in, for example, scientific French or German (if you are a super-smart student who does this with ease, then you do not have to continue this tip. reading) have been written. You then have a smaller frame of reference and it becomes more difficult to properly define and deal with a problem.

A third tip:

Develop deeply in advance (for example, the third academic year) into possible topics for your thesis. You can do this by reading a lot of (scientific) literature on the subject, but also by doing an internship with an organization that deals with the subject in practice. This gives you insight into the problem and you can start thinking about your problem

There is already a lot written on this subject?

Do not fail to repeat everything that has been written, but examine which discussion points have remained underexposed in the debate. This is often a good basis for a critical examination of the existing research and your theoretical foundation for the importance of a follow-up study.

… You cannot find suitable source material/research data/literature?

This is a tricky nut to crack. Force yourself to think creatively and associative: think of relevant links; name concepts that are relevant to your subject; talk with fellow students, friends and family about your subject. Talking helps because it forces you to organize thoughts. If all this does not lead to a result, then you may still have to choose another topic. Hopefully, your associative way of thinking has already yielded an alternative, related subject.

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