Things for First-Time Buyers to Look Out for When Purchasing a Motor Home

The first leap into owning a motor home can be a daunting one where the decision could be costly for both your wallet and for your camping experience. Fortunately, there is a wide range of vehicles available for whatever price range you are interested in once you know what to look out for.



Similar to purchasing a car, the durability of a motor home is an important factor and plays a big part in terms of what you plan to use your motor home for. Those on a family vacation would need it to be safe, yet of firm construction to keep children protected from hurting themselves or damaging the motor home. For those looking to use a motor home for traveling on less sturdy terrain, the main concern will be how durable the wheels and outside layer of the motor home are.

It is also important to look at the quality of the sealing around the joints. Buying a motor home with a poor quality seal is likely to result in a water leak during periods of rain and could wreck the insides of the vehicle, including the furniture and personal possessions, or the foundation of the campervan which would result in costly repair fees.


The layout of a motor home will be completely down to personal taste and will be what makes you feel at home, but the practicability for the number of users is just as essential. For a couple looking for a motor home, a large bed will allow for comfortable nights and also provide plenty of space for relaxing.

On The Road

With the likelihood that you will be spending long periods of time on the road traveling to your destination, the comfort during your journey is an important factor – you don’t want to be worrying about a stiff back when driving for example. Many cab seats come with double armrests, while some are also able to swivel to create a bigger lounge area.

Fuel consumption is also a significant factor to consider when looking for the perfect motor home; you don’t want the added expense of having to fill up at a gas station often or having to worry about where the next service station is when traveling on the highway.


The inclusion of equipment such as a kitchen and bathroom will be more necessary for those traveling to various places rather staying in one campsite where facilities are included; so checking the volume of the fresh water tank and the battery life that is included with the motor home is also important.

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