The Only Freshman 15 That Matters: 15 Back-To-School Essentials

Don’t confuse this freshman 15 for the typical weight gain that follows a diet of pizza, ramen, and beer. These 15 items will make sure your very first dorm room is kitted out with the best accessories and gadgets. Take a look to make sure for your first year on campus is the best one possible.

1. Bedding set

Bedding set

Your dorm’s going to be your home base for the next year, so make sure it’s comfortable with a set of well-made sheets. Add on matching blankets and a duvet to make sure you don’t get too cold in the winter.

2. iPhone X skins

Iphone skin

Your phone’s going to see a lot of use in the first month on campus as you collect new numbers. Make sure it stays in your hand when you’re posting in the group chat by getting a scratch-free and grime-resistant iPhone X skin from dbrand. It’s a grip-enhancing addition to this device, so make sure you customize your set of wraps for your iPhone X before you move. With sleek designs like marble, black camo, and carbon fiber iPhone skins, you’ll have the coolest phone on campus

3. Bed risers (with plugs)

bed riser

A set of bed risers come in handy when you’re living in a room that measures 130 square feet or less. By raising your bed off the floor, it frees up considerable storage space you can use to keep all your stuff out of the way. The set from Studio 3B comes with two power outlets and two USB outlets, so you can charge your iPhone X and MacBook while you make efficient use of your space.

4. Organizers


Utilize the newly freed space under your bed to its full potential by investing in organizers. You can fit bins, shoe racks, and other under bed storage to keep stuff off your floor. You should also consider organizers for your desk. Standalone bookshelves or mini shelving units that rest over your desk are ideal space savers for your books.

Don’t forget your toiletries! Keeping your bathroom stuff in one convenient tote bag keeps your morning routine simple and hassle-free.

5. Mini fridge

Mini fridge

Trust us, when it’s the middle of your late night study session — or the middle of your intense binge of Queer Eye 2 — you don’t want to have to leave your dorm for the cafeteria every time you want a cold drink or snack. Having a mini fridge in your dorm means you can top up your drink and plate any time you want, without having to leave your room in sweats.

6. Laptop riser/fan

laptop riser

If your desk is just a place to keep your clean laundry, then you’re probably doing most of your work on (or in) your bed. Resting on your comforter, your MacBook will sound like it’s ready for takeoff in no time. Keep it cool by investing in a laptop riser and fan.

7. A coffee maker

Coffee maker

Thanks to your student budget, you can’t always drop by Starbucks when you’re in need of a caffeine rush. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit cold turkey. Get a coffee maker for your room, so you can brew a cup of java anytime you need a boost. You can also use it to boil water for tea, oatmeal, and even spaghetti!

8. Headphones


Dorm life can get loud. Between your roommate across the room to your floor neighbors down the hall, someone’s always going to be making noise. Escape the din of campus life by getting a pair of noise-cancelling headphones like Sony’s WH-1000XM2. They’ll pump out crystal clear audio while reducing 95 percent of ambient noise — meaning you can focus on your perfectly curated playlist as you study.

9. Portable speakers

Portable speaker

Sometimes, your dorm is loud because you make it so. If you’re planning on being the life of the party, make sure you can share your epic party mix on the UE Boom 2. It’s small, lightweight, and comes in funky colors. Best of all, it delivers amazing quality sound in a waterproof package, meaning you won’t have to worry about it standing up to spills.

10. Wall tapestry

Wall tapestry

Personalize your little dorm room with a trendy wall tapestry from Urban Outfitters. Hang it above your bed to show off your unique flair.

11. Corelle dinnerware


A set of break-resistant dinnerware that can withstand the lifestyle of a freshman is a dorm room essential. Make sure your set is like the Corellelivingwarecollection. It’s break- and chip-resistant, so you won’t break your last plate when you accidentally trip when getting a midnight snack.

12. Handheld vacuum

Handheld vaccum

Your dorm will look clean at the start of freshman year, but don’t be naive. Once midterms hit, it’ll look like a bomb’s hit it. Though you may never get it looking as neat as it was on your first day, don’t be a slob — vacuum up crumbs and other debris with a handheld vacuum.

13. Surge protector

surge protector

Add up each phone, laptop, fridge (and other appliances), tablet, and TV in your room, and you and your roommate will have a lot of charging. Avoid the chances your synchronized charging habits will blow a fuse by using this 8-outlet power strip and surge protector.

14. Analogue supplies

Analouge supplies

Good old-fashioned supplies like notebooks, agendas, and pens can help you stay on top of your work, even if they don’t hold a candle to your iPhone X or MacBook.

15. FjallravenKanken backpack


You’re going to need to put all your supplies—analogue or otherwise— somewhere. It might as well be a trendy FjallravenKanken backpack. This Swedish backpack maker is known around the world for its comfortable and fashionable fit with bags available in all your favorite colors.

If you’re going to pack on the freshman 15 make sure it’s this list and not the fabled 15 pounds around your midsection. These items will make your first time living away from home as easy as possible!

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