The Onion take on the iPhone: Yup, it’s officially iconic


Fake news jokesters The Onion are having as much fun with the iPhone release as us geeks are. Or at least it seems that way with this mock attempt at announcing the iPhone’s “most anticipated features”.

• Nanotechnology enables it to reassemble itself when thrown against wall
• Exclusive link to Google Street View so you can watch yourself using your iPhone at all times
• Takes Polaroids
• When moved from hand to ear, makes Lightsaber sound effects
• Prominent Apple logo
• Reproduces through asexual budding
• Has way, way more PRAM than the last thingy
• Comes with an iPhone hat, so people know you own an iPhone during the brief periods you’re not using it

The only iPhone we’re going to be able to afford is the one we yank from the AT&T Store display window. Sure, it’s slightly bigger than the real thing, but come on. At least we won’t need the hat. — Andrew Dobrow

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