­­The Need for Cat Insurance for Your Cat

Cats, they behave like gods and demand for the best care. They may have nine lives, but cats still need care when they get ill or injured. When your cat is unwell, veterinary bills can quickly mount and put financial pressure on you. The best way to protect both you and your cat is to get cat insurance.

Here are some reasons to get insurance for your cat;

Cats Are Vulnerable to Injuries and Various Diseases and Health Conditions

Even though they act like gods, cats’ bodies are susceptible to a wide range of illnesses. They suffer from sicknesses such as heart problems, kidney failure, thyroid disease, arthritis, and cancer, just to name a few. They are also likely to have accidental injuries in their bones, ligaments, vital organs such as eyes, or even ingest foreign objects. These diseases and injuries need to be quickly treated for the animal to get better.

Chronic illnesses and severe injuries often require expensive treatment and medication. In some instances, the cat may have to be hospitalized for some time. It is sensible to have insurance cover in place to cover the cost of vet bills in such cases.

Cats can also suffer from life-long health conditions that need extensive treatment which can be quite costly. Insurance cover can help cover the cost of such treatments. However, insurance providers place restrictive limits on what they can cover for pre-existing conditions, so get an insurance cover for your cat early on, preferably when it’s still a kitten.

You Never Know When You Might Need It

Sicknesses and injuries often occur without warning. Your cat may develop an illness or get injured at any time. This can be extremely strenuous on you when you are running low on cash. Pet insurance will help manage the cost of unexpected veterinary bills during such emergencies.

Insurance cover for your cat is important since cats can be extremely good at hiding pain. When your cat is ailing or injured, you may not notice until they are in extreme pain. This is often when the disease or injury is at an advanced stage. At this point, veterinary costs can be high. Insurance will simply help you get the best vet care for your cat.

Payment Arrangements to Your Vet Are Made to Save You Time

Ever had a vet visit, but processing the payment takes more time than the time your cat was with the vet? Payment processing can be quite the hassle and consume a lot of time.

The best cat insurance will arrange payment to your vet directly. This will save you the time and hassle of having to wait or follow up on payment after a vet visit. All you have to do is walk in, have your cat checked by the vet, fill a claim form, and get back home to give your cat the tender care they need to get better.

Get Access to Specialty Treatment

While vets are experts at treating pets, some illnesses require visiting veterinary specialists for treatment. This includes conditions such as cancer. Insurance for your cat will help you have easier access to these necessary but expensive visits to specialists.

Cat insurance can come in handy when your cat is suffering from an uncommon illness, or if your cat is a rare breed. Paying for specialty treatment out of pocket may leave you with a huge dent, and cat insurance saves you this money.

This can also come in handy during holidays or after-hours. In most cases, vet clinics are closed during these times and only specialty vet clinics are open. Even though your cat may not need specialty care, having cat insurance can help you get help when you cat suddenly gets ill and your regular vet is closed.

Insurance Can Provide Financial Assistance If You Cat Gets Lost or Stolen

Having your cat get lost or stolen can be heart breaking. You don’t know if you’ll ever see your furry best friend again and are constantly worried if they are okay. More often than not, cat owners choose to dip into their savings for a reward to try and get their cat back. This can be expensive and stressful.

The best cat insurance can provide financial assistance when your cat gets stolen or lost by facilitating the reward fee for whomever finds and returns your cat. They can also help cover for the cost of printing the notification posters used to look for a missing pet.

It Gets You Peace of Mind

Having a sick or injured cat can be like having an injured baby. I’m sure you love your cat dearly and would hate to see them suffering without being able to help them. Perhaps the best you can do is take them to the vet, but you can’t take away their pain.

The pressure of caring for a sick cat can get more intense when you are low on finances and can’t afford the treatment needed for your cat. When you have to decide between saving your money and getting your cat the right treatment, you won’t be able to give them the best care. Health insurance helps alleviate this stress.

When your cat is covered by insurance, you have the assurance that they will have the best veterinary care for them to get better. Knowing you cat is protected if they fall sick or get injured will give you the peace of mind to give them all your love and care. And should the cat die (God forbid), you won’t be left with any guilt or questioning yourself if you could have done more to save them.

The Takeaway

It’s true that cats often land on their feet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fall sick or get injured. Having pet insurance will give you the peace of mind and financial security to be able to get the best care for your cat.

Remember that not all insurance providers are the same, so carefully read through different policies and get the best cat insurance.

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