Man Proves The MacBook Air Can Double as Kitchen Knife

Did you know that your MacBook Air can double as a kitchen utensil? It can cut apples, peel carrots, dice mushrooms and even de-vein shrimp.

It’s probably not the best use of your $1200-$3000 MacBook Air, but it’s certainly creative.

However, don’t go geeking out your kitchen with MacBook Air cutting utensils. While formidable with certain foods, the MacBook Air couldn’t really slice bacon, or carrots, or cabbage — as shown in a variety of interesting YouTube videos.

We may never know what possessed the creator of the Japanese blog “Mochrom” to turn his MacBook Air into a kitchen knife. Boredom? Curiosity? A geeky desire to cook an entire dinner using only his laptop? Either way, it certainly makes for some interesting (and entertaining) videos.

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