The Last HOPE: The AMD Project

Check out the AMD Project going down at The Last HOPE this weekend. I’d type up an original piece but the official website does it so, so well:

This weekend, the Attendee Meta-Data (AMD) project will introduce a new location-aware social networking system to track and bring together hackers based on a huge array of matching interests. Conference goers will be given unprecedented ability to connect with new people, find the talks they’re most interested in attending, see what’s happening and where in real time, and experience and talk about the way RFID technology is changing the world.

Attendees receive RFID badges that uniquely identify and track them across the conference space. Location information is incredibly accurate�visitors’ exact locations and movements are monitored in real time, and used to drive revolutionary social networking features which completely change the conference experience.

The AMD social networking site lets visitors “tag” themselves based on a diverse set of interests. Old-school hackers, network security experts, cryptographers, political activists, law geeks, lockpickers, reverse engineers, bloggers, privacy advocates, and far more�visitors can label themselves with multiple interests, to become discoverable by fellow visitors from around the world with similar interests, in the same room or across the building. Attendees can then use email or text messages to “ping” the people they discover on the site�new contacts and old friends alike.

Essentially, think Facebook for hackers and attendees with tagging and geo-location via RFID. More to come.

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