The Importance of Rail Lines in Asia & Australia


The two main forms of fast transportation via land is by roadway and by railway. Which of the two is more efficient and environmentally friendly? Railways! Traveling by train has numerous benefits that seem to make vehicle travel an obsolete mode of transportation. Trains can carry a high number of passengers, connect to far reaching cities in a short amount of time and tend to be more affordable to the consumer. And, did you know that passenger transportation around the globe is anticipated to rise at a rapid rate until 2030? With that said, the development and enhancement of rail lines across large regions like Australia and Asia are extremely vital.

When you take a look at two cities such as Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong, China, they both have the same thing in common: millions of commuters and a metropolitan network of rail lines. Both cities need to have efficient and reliable trains to move millions of people around their densely populated regions with speed and convenience, but how do they do it?

Building and upgrading extensive rail lines in major metropolitan cities, like the ones mentioned above, requires a company that specializes in rail infrastructure and engineering services that needs to be contracted in order for the commissioning to take place. It is important for these outside third-party companies to have a vast history of proven capability when it comes to construction, engineering and asset management because it is the only way a city or governing body can rely on their expertise. To carry a large number of passengers, the cities will need commuter trains that can travel on heavy-duty railways and sometimes these projects may need partnerships with other companies to develop and manufacture them.

For instance, the Australian-based engineering company, UGL Limited, collaborated with a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, MTR Corporation. These two companies reduce the frequency of service delays because they work together to provide a number of beneficial maintenance procedures and top quality train construction practices. By pairing both of their capabilities, they can produce commuter trains that can accommodate a high number of riders. In fact, one of Hong Kong’s busiest commuter train networks, the Kwun Tong Line, has seen a dramatic decrease in service delays due to the improvement of their rail system and increased number of passenger cars.

Additionally, UGL Limited has a long, ongoing partnership with RailCorp (based in Sydney, Australia), that recently achieved a historic milestone that benefits the commuters of Sydney. Through strategic planning, manufacturing and smart engineering, they were able to drastically increase the number of electric passenger trains that take commuters to new levels of safety, comfort and reliability when traveling around Sydney. Not only did they find a solution to tackle the crowded train system, but it included an environmentally friendly approach.

This of course is good news to big cities like Hong Kong and Sydney because the amount of riders is only going to increase. In fact, China already has the most people in the world with 1.4 billion people living in the Asian country. The number of births in China varies from 16 to 18 million newborns each year and that’s a lot considering that number is around 215,000 in Australia. You can bet that rail systems will only increase and grow larger as the number of commuters becomes larger each day!

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