The Importance of CompTIA Security Training


Why is CompTIA Security so important? CompTIA Security Training is essential because it’s a worldwide certification that proves the individual holding the certificate holds the skills necessary to perform the core security functions,and to pursue an IT security career. The company, CompTIA, was created in 1982.

Somewhere between 1992 and 1993, with the expansion of computer use and the impending Internet explosion, CompTIA created A+ certification, when an exam was developed “as a way for new technicians to demonstrate competency when performing a variety of basic computer installation, repair, and maintenance tasks.” As technology evolved, the certification requirements were updated so that it would be current. As of 2003, students are now required to pass two exams: the A+ Core Hardware Exam and the A+ Core Operating System Technologies Exam.

As an IT professional, CompTIA Security+ should be one of the very first security certification IT professionals should acquire. By taking the CompTIA Security+,it gives you the core foundation and knowledge required by an employer who’s looking to fill a cybersecurity position. Also, it also allows a professional to skip over entry-level positions and apply directly for intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

Alpine Security Cloud+ training can ensure you successfully take and pass the CompTIA Security Training exams, which is important, because CompTIA Security+gives IT professionals real-life experience with learning how to troubleshoot an array of IT issues to guarantee that security professionals have practical security problem-solving skills. If an individual has taken the exams after 2011, their CompTIA Security+ exams and certification are valid three years from the date of passing the exam.

Once the three years have ended, this doesn’t mean your certification is now null and void, causing you to have to retake the exam. What “currently” (we say currently as things are always changing) means is that CompTIA is offering continuing education programs to make sure that its certificate holder’s skills are continuously up-to-date.

After an individual has earned the necessary credit, their certification is extended for another three years. Therefore, this reaffirms that cybersecurity professionals with CompTIA Security+ can identify and address any security incidents that may arise.

CompTIA Security+ certification means that an IT professional has competency in the following areas – network security, software and computer threats and vulnerabilities, compliance and operational security, cryptography, access control and identity management, software application, and data and host security.

With that wide range of skill set, that leaves those IT professionals with CompTIA Security+ certification with many career options to choose from. The positions to select from include – Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Information Technology (IT) Manager, Network Administrator, Information Technology Specialist, and of course, a Cyber Security Analyst. The salary range for those positions can vary from 42k – 102+k a year. Yes, experience plays a vital role in whether you’ll qualify for some of the higher-level positions and what your annual salary will be. However, as long as you’re certified, you can be quite confident you’ll get the job.

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