The Golf Swing In Two Moves

Golf swing

Most golf players especially beginners tend to put too much focus on their posture, their position, or even the wind speed when they should be working on improving their swing. After all your swing is what really makes a difference in your whole game. If you can get that swing just right, then your progress will be speedy and smooth. Once you’ve got this movement down to an art then you can focus on getting a nice set of golf clubs or investing in good golf shoes.

And with all the importance of the golf swing, many people get it wrong. Everyone knows that it involves two movements. But executing those two movements flawlessly or even getting them right is what sets the pros from the amateurs. Amateurs, in particular, tend to think that the two movements are pull-push. When in fact it’s a push-pull smooth and seamless movement. You start with a push then double down with the pull.

The Push

From your start position with the club near the ball you push back with your left hand giving yourself a wide extension and paving the way for a smooth swing. This push will in effect twist your upper body in a powerful, tense, but stable coil as your feet and lower body stay firmly on the ground. Your left shoulder increases the tension by turning back with the club in one smooth motion.

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Practicing this push over and over is a good way to improve your swing. Try to get the whole phase in one seamless movement. The pull, the left shoulder bend, the coil, and the steady hand. If your hand is steady even when your body is at a maximum coil, then the next phase of the swing will be executed successfully. A shaking left hand means you still need to work on that step and your upper body fitness. Restless legs or shifting feet also give you an indication of which parts of your body need more workout.

Remember this is a push with the left hand not a pull with the right hand. Many golfers with a dominant right hand would make this mistake unintentionally. If you find yourself making this mistake try to exercise your left arm more. Hold a short iron with your left hand and swing it repeatedly without using your right hand.

The Pull

Now that you set your body and started the swing right it’s time to execute the second half of the motion. The pull. Your body now is poised well with your weight shifted to the right side. Your down movement is the opposite of the first step. In other words, you’re undoing the coil and bringing down the club. This time your left leg will start this process. Pointing your left knee toward the target your lower body follows it in a resolute yet easy forward rotation.

Doing this using your lower body means the club will be pulled the inside. But now you have to execute another maneuver. You need to square the club before it hits the ball. Your knuckles now come into play to perform this tricky part. To help you get it right, focus on getting the back of your left hand to face the target. Because the clubface and the back of your left hand are well aligned you won’t need to do any guesswork here. Turn your left-hand knuckles down to bring the back of that hand to face the target.

Pulling the club down avoids many common mistakes that new golfers fall into. If you push the club instead of pulling it you’ll have less control of the club as it pushes out and away from your body. So practicing this pulling motion without a club will help you get a feel of the muscles involved in this complicated step.

Because your swing is probably the most important part of your game, getting those two steps right will help you advance your skills and improve your results.

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