The Cliff Hanging Tree Hanging Tent

Cliff Hanging Tent

The “Hanging Cliff Tent” by Black Diamond is one of those “gadgets” that you see and know you must have it. Who wouldn’t want to hang from a tree while camping? No bears, no cold ground, the feeling of swinging from the trees…Well hold your enthusiasm because as cool as this gadget is, it also carries a $700 price tag. Plus, we’re still not sure why it’s called a “hanging cliff tent” because we can’t think of one person who would actually want to be suspended over a cliff with nothing but a thin sheet of material between them and the base of said cliff. Sure, we know it’s “engineered for strength” but we’re not about to put that to the test.

If you feel brave enough to give this newfangled extreme camping a shot though, you can pick your $700 casket hanging cliff tent from Amazon.

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