The Biggest Signs That Climate Change Is a Not a Hoax

There is no shortage of people on this planet who still think that climate change is a hoax. I don’t want to be disrespectful to those who have this opinion as most of them make some excellent points. One reason why it makes total sense to be skeptical about climate change is that “climate science” is an industry rather than a research institution.

Like every other industry, it needs funds to run. There is no doubt about their efficiency as it is one of the most profitable on Earth but what could be the reason behind spreading false information among the general public? What (other than money) are they gaining?

To answer this question, I would like to blame the government for it. Even anti-climate change activists claim that the government wants to levy extra tax on aviation and shipping fuel. They can’t do it without making a big deal. Also, many people think gases emitted from cow farts do not affect the environment. But what about the clear indications of climate change?

Here Are the Biggest Signs That Climate Change Is a Not a Hoax

1) The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse is a normal phenomenon. When the heat from the sun gets trapped within the Earth’s atmosphere, the temperature rises more than usual. It is believed that the heat is trapped by gases emitted by fuel combustion, forest fires and strangely cows farts.

2) Droughts

There is no doubt that droughts are on a rise. Countries that once were green are now turning into wastelands. According to a report by PewResearch, the latest instances of droughts and dry weather is not a surprise. Researchers know this is going to happen. 

Another report by ClimateRealityProject, countries like Africa, the US and Latin America are most affected by droughts. Europe and middle-east are the least affected. 

3) Glaciers Are Melting at a Faster Rate


Glaciers are melting at a rapid rate leading to an abnormal rise in the sea levels. Where do you think all the excess water arriving from the melted glaciers is going to settle? A report from LiveScience confirms that the ice on the submerged bottoms of ocean-edge glaciers is meting 100 times faster than it did a few decades ago.

4) Tropical Storms

Hurricane is one of the most common and the most deadly tropical storms known to mankind. According to BBC, these storms can travel up to speeds of 65 km/h. Tropical storms combined with the rising temperature of the seawater are forcing the tropical storms further north and south of the equator. It’s about time that the storms will start hitting Canada and other Nordic nations.

5) Even Permafrost Is Melting

In case you never heard what permafrost is, it is the ground (including soil and rocks) that remains frozen for more than two years. The problem with permafrost melting is, it releases a gas known as Arctic methane. Being a powerful greenhouse gas, it contributes to the greenhouse effect. Hence, more global warming.


I hope you found the above post in climate change informative and interesting. My intention is not to dismiss the claims of climate change or vice versa. But keeping the above facts in mind, it makes sense to take climate change seriously.

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