The Accessories You’ll Need for Your Winter Wedding

Winter wedding

The love that you and your soon-to-be-spouse have for each other is so red-hot that you’ve chosen to get hitched in the coldest of seasons – the winter. While winter weddings can be downright beautiful (just think: glistening snow, romantic starry night, a cold breath of air before your first kiss), they can also be, well, cold! Dealing with the wetness and chilliness of the winter shouldn’t deter you from marrying in the season you want though. With just a few simple winter wedding accessories, you can enjoy the beauty of the winter without dealing with frostbite.

We’ve teamed up with JJ’s House designer Jessica to gift you with the ultimate winter wedding accessory list. Check out a few of our favorites below so you can start making your must-have list for your chilly – but beautiful – winter wedding!

Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking for an elegant velvet wrap, or the cozy comfort of a chic fur, a wrap over your wedding dress can be an amazing addition to your wedding day outfit. In fact, if you know you’re getting married in the cold, you can even incorporate the wrap as the centerpiece of your entire dress. Wow your guests in a lace-embroidered wrap-up or get cozy and comfy in a faux-fur wrap – no matter what you choose, you can count on a wrap keeping you warm during your chilly ceremony and being a unique detail for your wedding dress!

Capes Are So In

Listen, capes aren’t just for Dracula anymore. It’s 2018, and the cape look, especially when paired with an elegant, jaw-dropping wedding dress, is especially hot right now (specifically for when it’s cold). Whether you want an ivory cape to match your dress, a blush piece to make a statement, or something wild to wow your spouse, you can find a beautiful cape to make a difference on your cold day. This addition to your dress will make a statement, keep you warm, and make for beautiful, elegant pictures. Sounds like a triple threat to us – how about you?

Get Gloves

Listen to us – gloves are going to be so necessary if you’re getting married in the winter, especially if you’re planning to get married outside. Whether you want to go full-on classic and get long white gloves that reach up to your elbows, or you simply want a cute pair of knit, fingerless gloves to keep your palms warm while you hold your hunny’s hand, gloves are going to be the ultimate wedding accessory to make all the difference.

Ever Seen a Fur Muff?

This is so in right now! If you’re a winter wedding fan and you have to get hitched when the snow is falling, consider theming your entire day around the opportunity to wear a gorgeous, fur muff. Whether you want to go faux-fur or get in on the real deal, a fur muff can keep your fingers, hands, and forearms warm while you pledge your life to your spouse.

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