The $6500 1GB MP3 Player: Gresso Symphonia Collection


Luxury mobile phone manufacturer Gresso has announced its newest snobby gadget. For people who expect nothing less then the finest materials comes the Gresso Symphonia Collection MP3 Player. What can possibly make a 1GB MP3 that expensive, you ask? You know we got your answer.

With four different models, the Symphonia’s will be made with your choice of Blackwood and White Gold, or Blankwood and Pink Gold. The price range will be from the low end model at a cheap $4000, to the $6500 model. But it’s not just a pretty face. The specially designed key pad is scratch resistant, being described as Gresso as being “as hard as a diamond”. Each keyboard is scripted with laser precision and the player has a 1GB flash drive with a built in FM tuner. Supporting MP3, WMA, ASF, and OGG formats. Good luck saving up! — Andrew Dobrow

Company Page [Gresso Ltd., via Gizmag]

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