Technology that is Improving the Healthcare Industry

The 21st century and its constant evolution of technological boons positively affect every major industry, the healthcare industry especially. Similar to hand washing, blood transfusions, and vaccines in their own time, this new technology improves the lives of doctors, nurses, and patients alike. However, the sensitivity, confidentiality, and overall patient safety baked into the healthcare industry only allow the best new ideas to replace its current, tried-and-true applications. The ability to progress in the healthcare industry is still very possible, especially from some of the leading tech companies in the healthcare industry.

Let’s take a look at some of these new innovations. 

Remote Monitoring Technology

Nowadays, actually visiting a medical care center is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Surely, patiently sitting in a crowded waiting room will not be missed. Pacemakers and other home health monitoring systems automatically send vital readings to healthcare providers without the patient having to take a step out of their front door. Other healthcare improvements, such as telemedicine, allow patients other opportunities like attending a virtual doctor’s visit — a complete reversal of the outmoded “house call”.  

Data management Technology 

Electronic health records revolutionized the industry by disposing of the mountains of paperwork. However, this new, digital data had to be filed somewhere. Master data management systems implemented help streamline and clear up the copious amounts of vital information. For example, the likelihood of confidential patient files getting mixed up is nowhere near as common. Learn more about implementing this technological advancement of healthcare analytics from the certified consulting firm, Amitech Solutions.

Smartphone Technology 

As if acting as a calculator, phone, flashlight, web browser, address book, and music player wasn’t enough, now smartphone-based appliances have a new medical application: household patient assessment. New features such as reading blood sugar levels, heart rates, and sleep schedules allow for instant, accessible information without paying extra money for more devices. Another obvious benefit is that smartphone devices are compact, easy to carry, and are always by your person. 

3D Printing Technology  

With the arrival of 3D printing technology, amazing medical discoveries are allowing unimaginable innovation within the healthcare field. Synthetic skin, dental molds, prosthetics, and implants are just the beginning of what this new field of medical technology will accomplish. Hopefully, in the future, more complex and organic-based structures can be created and utilized within the medical field. The creation of lifelike, training cadavers for practicing medical students is another application of 3D printing. 

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