TeamSpeak vs Discord – Full Comparison

The way we communicate has changed a lot in the past decades. First, things moved from wired voice chat platform to wireless. Now is the time that everything is done over the internet. There are a lot of platforms for this purpose, and people often ask whether to choose Discord or Mumble, or TeamSpeak. This TeamSpeak vs Discord battle has been there for a long time now.

While both platforms use the Voice over Internet Protocol for communication over the internet, every user has different preferences for using one. With many differences in their features, quality, and such stuff, it is somewhat difficult for new people to select a platform.

So, here we are for the Discord vs TeamSpeak comparison, and here we will tell you which one of these is the best for you.


Although the internet brings amazing features and benefits for the users who mainly including quick performance and convenience, there are some drawbacks. The biggest of the drawbacks that come with the usage of the internet for anything is the security issue. There are some bad actors involved in the system who are always looking for loopholes. When it comes to security, both TeamSpeak and Discord thrive to provide the best for their customers.

Discord backs the security of its users with the help of a location lock. It helps let users know when their account is logged in. Moreover, Two Factor Authentication helps to protect from DDoS attacks.

On the other hand, TeamSpeak is known for its increased security and stability. Apart from all the basic security features, it provides AES-based encryption for the voice packets. It means that it is going to be very secure between the users. Moreover, the public servers are secure, but if you are looking for some more privacy, you can set your private server using the TeamSpeak VPS.


The second most important concern that people usually have is about the cost of the platform. Whether you are getting TeamSpeak server hosting or discord services, you must know their price. In this way, these services will never create any disturbance for your budget whatsoever.

  • When we talk about the TeamSpeak client, it is free to use. If you need the TeamSpeak hosting services for your server, then the prices start from $55. Otherwise, you do not need to pay a single penny.
  • On the other side, Discord has kept its services completely free.

It means that whatever features you want to use on Discord, you can use them for free, and it is a major plus point for Discord in the TeamSpeak vs Discord comparison. So, if the pricing for features is the dealmaker or dealbreaker for you in this comparison, then Discord is the winner.


Now moving towards the community that matters the most for gamers and other people who have to work in teams. Community makes a huge difference for these platforms. If your community is on one platform, then you need to be on that too because otherwise, you will not be able to communicate.

Speaking of the community, Discord and TeamSpeak3 both have an amazing community.

While TeamSpeak dates back to the 2001 days, Discord is a rather new platform dating back to 2015. However, the growth for Discord has been rapid. While TeamSpeak comes with its different versions like Team Speak 5 and others, some things matter more than versions. Some of them are:

  • Quality of sound
  • Latency in communication
  • Load on the system or device

These three are most important for the platform to choose from. When it comes to the community, people consider these for selecting their platform along with considering their community presence. In addition to that, both Discord and TeamSpeak have great user communities.

Sound quality

Another thing that everyone must prioritize while making their final decision is the sound quality. It needs to be understood that if the voice in communication is not clear, then there is no use of any of the platforms.

Most importantly, when esports gamers are playing, they need their teammates to listen to them instantly and clearly, and it is a fact where TeamSpeak client provides more value in comparison with Discord. It is also one of the reasons why most of the pros in competitive gaming select TeamSpeak as their main source of voice communication over the internet.

There are several technical reasons behind it as well, including:

  • Amazingly crystal clear sound quality.
  • Less load on the system
  • Better transmission

Apart from all that, TeamSpeak also provides the TeamSpeak Voice Pack, which adds a lot to the fun you are having. So, if you are hunting for better sound, then TeamSpeak Sound is far better.

Design and UX

It is the era where the design of any software and the user experience matters a lot. It is also a point where Discord is far better than TeamSpeak. There is an easy setup process, better user interface, and user experience, which makes the usage very easy.

On the other hand, TeamSpeak has an outdated interface. Connection is difficult over there, and it is not a good platform for the new users as they might take some time to get used to it.

Admin Control

Taking a look at the admin controls is always an important thing when you are working on a group of people communicating together. Here things depend more on what you want. For example, TeamSpeak comes with in-depth customizations and controls for the admin. Due to its difficult user interface, things can take some time.

On the other hand, Discord provides a very easy-to-use admin control panel. However, the features are limited here. In most cases, Discord makes it through because of easy admin controls.


To conclude this TeamSpeak vs Discord comparison, one can say that TeamSpeak is focusing on bringing more value by providing the core features which are better than Discord. On the other hand, some necessary things lack Discord, but it still is not bad. Moreover, the amazing user interface and the integration of the latest features bring full marks for Discord in this modern-day technological world.

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