Take iPod stereo on the road with iHome IH19 portable iPod stereo sports case

ihome ih19 ipod stereo

With a million iPod accessories already out there, here is one more to add to the collection. The only difference with this one is that itís not for your home or car; it is for those on-the-go. The iHome IH19 portable iPod stereo sports case is water-resistant and has 2 mounting brackets for easy holding. No need to worry, your iPod will be safe inside the zippered compartment while being charged. You get to choose whether you want to play your music through the 2 dynamic stereo speakers or plug in your headphones to the jack located on the outside, but then again why would have the iHome IH19 if you were just going to listen with your headphones? Included in the iHome is the built-in remote control capability (if only they supplied you with a remote control). Whatís especially cool about this product is that it can be connected to any other mp3 player with a 3.5 mm jack and you get a choice of 2 colors: black or pink. Maybe they were trying to hit attract the female crowd by making a pink model, hoping girls would think it looks like a purse. For a $70 price tag, the iHome IH19 portable iPod stereo sports case would be perfect for those of you who love listening to their iPods 24/7, but donít necessarily want to have headphones in all of the time. — Nick Rice

iHome IH19 portable iPod stereo sports case [via Tech Digest]

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