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Spin and Play MP3 Player Wraps Up Like a Yo-Yo

The S.MP3 by French designer Nicolas Cinguion is an ultra-mobile portable media player, allowing its earbud’s cable to be wrapped inside of its own circular design. It looks sort of like a yo-yo, but sadly, doesn’t offer yo-yo functionality. When will they learn??! What men really want is an MP3/yo-yo hybrid, not some impostor disguised as one.

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Illuminated Tables

I can’t quite put my finger on it. There is something about these glowing tables that come in a bunch of different colors remind me of my childhood. Maybe they look like something I used to play with often. Perhaps a yo-yo? Ah, yes. Of course. The yo-yo. Dependable and a bitch to rewind. At least they only cost 5 ...

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Yo-Yo Lamp

This lamp is supposed to resemble a yo-yo and while it does, it also reminds me of a pair of testicles. I mean look at it. That dimple right there in the center; it has to be a set of balls. That’s what I’m guessing Spanish design firm Almerich had in mind when it designed this lamp. It lights up ...

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